Weather Information for Oct 27-28

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The ODSL Board has been monitoring the weather carefully, and it appears that the conditions for most of Sunday will be light rain and moderate winds.  Under those conditions many of our matches can be played.  The League will follow their procedures for inclement weather with some slight modifications. Each individual club has the right to close their fields to protect them.  Also, each team will have the right to choose not to play if they feel that the conditions they might have to play or travel in could be dangerous for players or their families.  Please communicate with your opponent immediately!!!  If a team chooses NOT to play, they should send a message to the League Administrator immediately after notifying their opponent so that the league can notify the referees.  If your game is played, please report the score immediately so the League knows which games were played . 

Rescheduling of Matches
There will be some modifications to our rescheduling process.  We will assume that any games for which the score is not reported by Sunday evening need to be rescheduled.  Teams that would like to make a suggestion for the rescheduling of their match will have until 6 pm Wednesday evening, October 31st to send complete information (date, time and field) on their request to the ODSL Administrator .  The home team must first coordinate their rescheduling request through their club.  Do not send an email to the ODSL Administrator until you have complete information!  Wednesday at 6 pm is the absolute deadline to send information to the ODSL Administrator.  All matches for which we do not have rescheduling information from the home team, approved by their club, by Wednesday evening, will be rescheduled to Sunday, November 18 as fields are available.