Resources for New VYSA Database

To learn more about the VYSA Affinity Database follow the Read More Link



Resources for New Affinity Database


The new VYSA 2018-2019 travel database is open and ready to begin learning and using.  Many training resources are available to help Clubs and Leagues get off to a great start!


Help Guides

Visit VYSA and click on "Registration" along the top

At the top of the page are several Help Guides and Checklists



Also on the Registration page of the VYSA website are the Templates for Player and Admin Uploads.   

Q & A's with Nick

Twice a week Nick at Affinity will be available for a Q & A session.  These sessions will be limited to 10 people in order facilitate a helpful learning environment and be able to get to all of the questions.  This week the Q & A sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm EST.  Check the Registration page each week for the signup links.


Sign up here for:  Wednesday or Thursday


Affinity Help Center

Find answers to your questions or submit a help ticket in the: Help Center


The Help Center can also be accessed by clicking on HELP from the Affinity home screen.  Either before you login under the LOGIN button or after you login in the upper right corner.  This will give you access to even more help center documents.


Customer Service Representatives

Technical Support Phone: 855-703-2564

Monday to Friday:  7:00am - 6:00pm (Pacific time)

Saturday and Sunday:  7:00am - 3:30pm (Pacific time)