Resources for New VYSA Database

VYSA uses Dick's Team Sports HQ powered by Affinity Sports as the registration platform.  Below are links to help you learn more about the system.

In Affinity, most of the work is completed by users at the club level.  Team officials may update their own profile, upload player photos, birth certificates, and print rosters/passes, but may not add players.

This year, all team officials must complete Sexual Abuse Prevention Training, and the certificate of completion must be uploaded for your Assigned League Registrar to verify.  This only needs to be completed every two years.  A club official with admin rights in the SAPT website can send the training link to the team official.  If you need this, please contact your club.

In any of the documentation below, if it tells you to contact Affinity for assistance, please start with Karen, or send an email to Affinity supports many organizations across the United States.  Sometimes they are unable to assist due to the specific rules within VYSA's set up.

General Affinity Information Guide

Club Representative Checklist for Getting Started

Affiliation Module:  The primary club contact will also need to complete and submit the Club Affiliation Module using this link, and logging into Affinity.  This will provide VYSA with club contact information for the upcoming season.  An individual can only be listed in one role in the Club Affiliation Module.  If the same person has multiple roles, you can either leave it blank (unless required) or enter the secondary person in that role.

Creating Teams:  When creating your teams, use the "Team Creation Matrix" in the "Teams" drop down to create  multiple teams at one time.  This will create your new Team IDs and team "shell" for the 2019-2020 year.  Always make sure you are in the correct season when working in Affinity.

Adding Players:  

  • Players can be uploaded using the Player Upload Template.  This is one of the ways to upload several at one time.  If the TeamID field is completed, the players will be uploaded directly to that team.  If not, they will be in a pool of players, and you can add them to the team by going to the "roster player" tab for that team.
  • Pictures are good for 2 years, so all photos submitted last summer/fall will still be in the system for the returning players.
  • If the player had a date of birth verified in 2018/19, you will not need to upload proof of age again.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to upload your players using the legal names already in Affinity.  This is how the system will match up players being uploaded to players already in the system for photos and approved DOB.
  • Do not upload players that are not returning to your club for 2019-20.

Background Check Instructions

All team officials are required to have a background check completed every 2 years. 

The majority of clubs in VYSA utilize Trusted Employees, which has a direct link into the Affinity System.  If your club uses another method, your background check results will have to be sent to so that Krista or Karen may update your account in Affinity manually.  If your club does use Trusted Employees, the background check instructions above will help.  Your club can send you the link to use, as the link is specific to the club.

Uploading Team Officials with Approved Background Checks

If you have team officials returning from last season, and their background check is still valid, you may upload them using the admin upload template.  When uploading or adding team officials, please be sure to use the name they used in last year's system.  This will tie their picture and background check information to their record in the new system.  Please note that you can send the completed template to Karen or for upload.

Team Manager Guide

If you need additional support, there is more documentation available on the VYSA registration page.