Referee Assigning Guidelines

We require, and will pay for, one center referee only on U9 and U10 matches.  We require a three man referee team for all U11 and older matches. All referees should be familiar with the ODSL Laws of the Game.

Please keep the following suggested guidelines in mind as you make your assignments:

·        Referee should be currently certified by the USSF.

 ·        Referees should have at least one full year of experience, and have the experience and demeanor necessary to officiate competitive, results-oriented matches.

·        Center Referees should be at least two years older than the age group they are officiating.

·        Keeping in mind that the referees assigned to U9 and U10 matches are out there alone, we would ask that you assign very experienced people to these matches. We would request that no one under the age of 16 be assigned to these matches.

·        A relative of a player, coach, or volunteer on a team should not be assigned to that team’s match.

·        Referees must wear official attire.

Center referees must report their matches to the ODSL within 24 hours at