Official Team Numbers for Teams New To the League in Spring 2016

ABGC United 04 OD0495B  Under 11 Boys
ABGC United 05 OD0565B  Under 10 Boys
ABGC United 06 OD0631B  Under 9 Boys
ALEX Patriots Blue OD02138B  Under 13 Boys
BRDW Boys U10 OD0566B  Under 10 Boys
BRDW Lynx OD01147G  Under 14 Girls
DFC Rascals OD0568B  Under 10 Boys
DFC Loudoun Rowdies OD96175B  Under 19 Boys
DFC Purcellville Wreckers OD01148B  Under 14 Boys
EPIC Rush OD97175G  Under 18 Girls
FRED '03 Royal OD03113G  Under 12 Girls
FRED '04 White OD0496G  Under 11 Girls
FRED '05 Blue OD0567G  Under 10 Girls
FRSA ROX 97B BLUE OD97176B  Under 18 Boys
FSCI Phoenix - Orange OD03114B    Under 12 Boys
IFC Blue Falcons OD00115B    Under 14 Boys
LMVS Patriots 06 Black OD0632B  Under 9 Boys
LMVS U-12 Patriots Blue OD03115G  Under 12 Girls
SYA Cardinals '02 Black OD02139B  Under 13 Boys
SYA Cardinals '06 Silver OD0633B  Under 9 Boys
TCSC Fusion OD97177B  Under 18 Boys
TCSC Mayhem OD00152G  Under 15 Girls
VIST HSC Freedom Patriots OD98127G Under 17 Girls
VSA Select Iniesta OD0634B Under 9 Boys
WBSC Strikers 04G Blue OD03112G Under 12 Girls