Operating Procedures of the ODSL

A schedule of matches for each ODSL season will be distributed at the Coaches’ meeting the month prior to the start of each season. No Member Representative or coach shall alter the schedule in any way without the permission of the Administrator or in their absence  the Boys or Girls Commissioner, or the President.

Normally, the Fall schedule of matches will commence on the Saturday and Sunday following Labor Day and the Spring Schedule will commence the first weekend in April. The following dates are set aside for ODSL teams to participate in tournament play and regular season matches will not be scheduled on these dates:

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Columbus Day Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Weekend

All teams are allowed to request one bye Saturday and and one bye Sunday in the season.  That request must be made at the time the application is filed for the upcoming season.  Teams must make themselves available for matches on all other weekends of the season, including the rain-out make up dates.

For League games in conflict with State Cup Competition, the Cup participant, in order to avoid a league game forfeit, must immediately notify the ODSL President or Administrator, along with their opponent of the conflict. Failure to do so may result in an automatic forfeit of that league game.

All teams are to play their games as scheduled unless:

1. PRE-GAME POSTPONEMENTS. A postponement is declared by the ODSL President or Scheduler, or if a Member Representative closes his fields due to weather conditions. Every attempt should be made by the club to notify Member Representatives and coaches at least two (2) hours prior to games scheduled prior to 10 a.m. and at least three (3) hours prior to all other games when a postponement is declared. If a Member Representative closes their fields, they must immediately contact their referee Assignor and coaches. Coaches must immediately contact visiting teams. The Member Representatives must be aware of the condition of their playing field(s) throughout the week and certify the field(s) for play early on game day. If notification of field closing is not made early enough, a team may be held responsible for payment of referees who arrive at the field for the first game.

2. REFEREE POSTPONEMENTS. The referee assigned to officiate the match declares the game unplayable due to field or weather conditions.

Failure to play a game as scheduled for reasons other than those listed above, may result in a forfeiture, based upon a review by the Exec. Board of Directors.

If a match is not played, it is the responsibility of the home team coach to coordinate the rescheduling of the match within 72 Hours and inform the Administrator.  Otherwise, the match will be rescheduled by the Administrator.

1. RESCHEDULING OF POSTPONED MATCHES. The home team coach must reach an agreement with the visiting team coach and then notify the administrator of the location, date, and time of the rescheduled game.

2. END-OF-SEASON RESCHEDULED MATCHES. All matches must be played within one (1) week following the last regularly scheduled League game. Games not played will be treated as if they were never scheduled unless one team gains an advantage. In this case, the Boys or Girls Commissioner will intervene and make every effort to schedule the game. The team not able to meet the schedule will forfeit the game.

An attempt to reschedule a rained-out match requires at least 96 hours (4 days) advance notice to the Visiting Coach, the Administrator, the referee Assignor, and the Boys or Girls Commissioner.  Any schedule changes as a matter of convenience must be completed at least 96 hours (4 days) prior to the original match time.  Any time changes of more than 30 minutes must be approved by the opponents.  The administrator reserves the right to occassionally make immediate changes to the schedule, based upon unforeseen circumstances beyond weather, such as an overlap in a schedule, a closed field, or facilitation of scheduling referees and etc.

Because of the complexity of the ODSL schedule, adherence to these rules is necessary. Failure to comply with the rules may result in forfeiture of the affected game.