Operating Procedures of the ODSL


ODSL is open to organized soccer associations.   Organizations seeking membership to the ODSL should contact the ODSL President who will present their application to the General Membership for acceptance. Teams seeking to gain Membership in the League shall access the online ODSL Application Form. The application form shall be completed online and the league fees mailed to the ODSL mailing address.  Completed ODSL application forms for Membership must be received by a specific date as established by the Executive Board. Organizations who have not submitted at least one team to the League for over three seasons must reapply for membership to the League.  Admittance will be limited to 2 teams per club, per age group, per gender, unless a special exception is granted by the Executive Board.  ODSL team applications can be submitted through the online process accessed via the ODSL website. 

1.  MEETINGS.  The Membership Committee shall meet prior to the July and January Board of Directors meeting to consider all applications for Membership for the next seasonal year.  The Membership Committee’s recommendations concerning new Members shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting and Semi-annual General Meeting for approval.  The Board will present applications for new membership at the Annual or Semi-annual meeting and solicit comment from the membership prior to voting on acceptance.

2.  FIELDS REQUIREMENTS.  It is required that each applicant provide a home field or fields.  The amount of time the field(s) must be available for ODSL games depends on the number of teams playing on the field(s) and ages of the teams.  The field(s) should be made available long enough for all scheduled ODSL teams to play.  It is desirable that a Member be able to schedule at least two games on the same field or two games back to back on adjacent fields.  Members who can not meet requirements of this paragraph may not have "home" games.  

3.  ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION.  Applicants shall be notified of their acceptance or rejection as a Member within seven (7) days of the AGM or Semi-AGM.   

4.    PAYMENT OF FEES.  The Executive Board will establish and announce to the Membership the schedule which must be met in the payment of fees. If a team desires to withdraw their application for membership after the deadline for application, an administrative fee of $85.00 will be assessed.  After a specific date set by the Exec. Board no refund will be available to teams that withdraw.  See section 6.

5.  MID-SEASON APPLICANTS.  Applicants applying for membership between the Fall and Spring halves of the seasonal year shall meet all the above criteria.  Application deadlines and payment of fees schedules will be established by the Executive Board and announced to the Membership.

6.   WITHDRAWALS  All withdrawal notices must be sent to the administrator via email. If a team is withdrawn prior to the application deadline date they will receive a full refund of their League fees. If a team is withdrawn by the end of the day, one week after the application deadline date, they will receive a partial refund of their league fees (all but $85.00) and a refund of any portion of the fee devoted to registration with the State organization. If a team withdraws subsequent to one week after the deadline date, only the portion of the League fees devoted to registration with the State organization is refundable. If a team withdraws after any initial submission of a roster to the registrar, no refund is available.