ODSL Exec Board Mtg, 8-9-2012

 ODSL Executive Board Meeting


Directors in attendance:   Karen Klump (President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), David Murphy (Treasurer), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Tom Lewis (Member-at-Large), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner)

Directors absent:  Rene Madigan (Girls Commissioner), Doug Martz (Member-at-Large), Steven Kirk (Secretary)

Others in Attendance:  Dave Milne (Administrator)

Meeting called to order at 7:34pm.

  • Divisions look pretty good; only a minimal amount of changes have been requested.  Small adjustments have been made.
  • There are 378 teams registered (383 paid with 5 withdrawals as of today).  140 new teams!
  • Permit-wise, everything looks good.
  • Only one club left to still pay.
  • Dave has pulled all the people with conflicts and will work on deconflicting.
  • Battlefield HS will be the site for the pre-season meeting on 8/26 at 7:00pm.


  • Received the checks to deposit, and will reconcile the checks with the website and forms.


  • At the training for new team managers, there was once again a full house. 
  • Training was held at the state office for all the new registrars.  This went well.
  • Lisa will send out an email to request that all nominations for awards are submitted no later than 8/17.
  • Lisa will be unable to attend the pre-season meeting.
Boys Commissioner:   
  • Things are very quiet.  There has been big growth in the league in the boys divisions.
  • There is a combined U15/U16 division.  Awards will be presented to the top two U15B teams and the top two U16B teams.

Girls Commissioner (Report presented by Tom):   

  • Dave worked with Rene on how to do the division structure and worked with her to set up the divisions.
  • We’ll see how the U16/17 bracket goes before deciding on whether to break out the age groups for awards.
Vice President: 
  • Nothing additional to report.
  • Received an email from a referee assignor last season, stating that ODSL did not indicate the minimum number of players required for 7v7 play.  Dave will verify, but believes this has already been taken care of for the new match cards.
Old Business:   
  • Discussion was continued about concussions.  A proposal was made that we require the players leave the field if the coach has to enter the field of play.  This may be covered by the “laws of the game.”  Karen will send to the group the FIFA wording in laws of the game regarding when a player must leave the field.
New Business:  
  • Lisa will work with Tom on creating a manual for team managers on working with the registration database.  We already have manuals with checklists and registration rules.  This will be for actual interaction with the system, including screen shots, etc.
  • Dave will look into the possibility of doing a webinar for our pre-season meetings.  As a starting point, Lisa will check to see what the other leagues use.
  • In the future, minutes of meetings will be sent to the board members within one week of having held the meeting.  This will enable better follow-up prior to the next meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.