ODSL Club Rep Qtrly Mtg, 4-19-2012

ODSL Club Representative Quarterly Meeting


Clubs not present:  ALEX, ABGC, ASC, BRYC, BRDW, BAC, CYA, CCS, CUGI, DCST, FRED, FASA, FRSA, GRFL, GSC, HERN, MCLN, PAC, REST, SYA, SYC, STAF, STER, TCSC, VSA, WSC                                                                                            

Directors in attendance:  Karen Klumpp (President), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner), Steve Kirk (Secretary), Dave Milne (Administrator), Dave Murphy (Treasurer), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner)

Directors not present:  

Meeting called to order at 7:35.


Minutes from the last executive board meeting (09 Feb 2012) were presented. A motion was made to approve the minutes. Motion was seconded and minutes were approved.

  • The VYSA Board of Directors voted and approved the financial policy in regards to travel players who have not met their financial obligations to the team or club they are trying to be released or transferred from. This policy must be instituted into the teams or clubs bylaws or some other type of form approved by the parent agreeing to this financial obligation. A question was brought up and will be researched by Lisa about a player who is on a scholarship if that can be considered a financial obligation.
  • Do not use old player stock for the fall-spring 2013 seasonal year. Reason is the player pass is changing. Changes are pictures will be going on front of the card and no player signatures required. Eight player passes per sheet and just on one side. Further details will be coming up soon.
  • Lisa covered the new ODSL awards. Applications and information regarding qualifications will be posted on the website by Monday April 23, 2012.
  • The last club has settled their amount due to ODSL
  • Statement of assets handed out doesn’t reflect the late payment deposit.
Boys Commissioner:  
  • Remind teams to use proper channels when contacting the league in regards to issues.
Girls Commissioner:  
  • Remind teams to error on the side of caution when a player is injured, especially in regards to concussions. A player was put on the pitch after suffering a concussion and now has a severe concussion.
Secretary:   Nothing new to report tonight.
  • Rules state that a club is put in bad standing when a club rep misses two quarterly meetings in a row.
  • There are a lot of teams that are still seeking reschedules due to inconvenience. A game will not be rescheduled for convenience if: 1) Other games on that field have to be rescheduled 2) If within 96 hours of the game time
  • Forty Six games were rescheduled in the last week before season started due to spring break issues.
  • Remind teams about their responsibilities if there is bad weather.
  • A limited amount of game score cards were printed on one side. If you need replacement, Dave will leave some on the back table.
  • If you have parents or teams that want more ODSL Magnets contact Dave and he will get you some more.
Vice President:

·         On the R&D side, nothing new to report. The few issues have been pushed back on the club and they have taken care of it. The policy of ODSL is to try to have the Clubs deal with the issues first and if they can’t resolve it, then R&D will take care of the matter or if the teams involved want R&D of ODSL to deal with it, then it will be heard. Make that these issues are only sent to the R&D Chair and not the whole board as other members of the board are on the appeals committee.

President: Under new business
Old Business: None
New Business: 

·         There is a proposed motion to change the number of guest players allowed on a team. Discussion was held, the vote will be held at the AGM meeting in June. Guest players are referring to Club Pass Players.

·         VYSA has voted to allow the leagues to choose if they want to allow U14 and U15 teams to have a roster size of 22. Karen will be emailing all club reps in two weeks to ask for a vote of yes or no to change league roster size to 22 for U14 and U15. You will still only be able to dress out 18 players. A motion was put forth by Lisa that ODSL allow 22 players on their U14 and U15 rosters. A second was given. An amendment was put forth by Wayne that the motion is broken up into two separate motions, one for the U14 and one for the U15. The amendment motion was passed. An email will be sent to ask for a vote for the motion.

·         Information will be sent out to all club reps in regards to the above motion if passed on how it affects costs and most likely would cause an increase in team fees.

·         A new club is applying for membership. Sierra Avengers FC. Club consists of U-9,U10,U11 boys teams and a U12 Girls team. All Coaches have “E” License with two having national youth licenses. Their fields will be in the Springfield Area. Club Reps brought up concern about the area being saturated and field issues. Club has not field permits yet, nor do they have club by-laws. Commissioners brought up concern about past new clubs dropping teams after their membership is approved. A motion was put forth to approve this clubs membership upon providing by-laws to the ODSL Board of Directors by May 15th, 2012. Motion was seconded and approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:35pm.