ODSL Brd Mtg Minutes June 2008

ODSL Executive Board Meeting

June 12, 2008
Present: Bob Gray, Paul O’Connell, Dave Milne, Lisa Wilson, Karen Klumpp

Meeting called to order 7:40 PM

Administrator: Priority for this evenings meeting is to prepare the final rules for the 6v6 small-sided high school division, and prepare the budget for 2008-09. A motion was made for ODSL to allow club pass for small-sided high school age play. Motion was seconded and passed. Players are not eligible to compete on more than one team on the same day.

A motion was made to pay referees for small-sided high school age play to be $45 per game. Motion was seconded, and passed.

Remaining rules were reviewed. Dave will take the rules as agreed upon and prepare them accordingly. All FIFA, USSF, and US Youth Soccer Laws will apply, with the only exceptions being those as stated in the ODSL 6v6 Match Rules.

Treasurer: The Board reviewed the ODSL budget for the past year. Reviewed major expenses not yet included in order to prepare a budget for the 2008-09 year. The budget will be prepared assuming a 90% coverage of all games by referees, and the number of teams will be based on what we had in the Spring 2008.

Meeting adjourned 9:07pm