ODSL BOD Minutes June 04

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2004


Brought to Order 7:30 pm/Adjourned 9:30 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Secretary Paul OConnell

Administrator Dave Milne

Boys Commissioner John Findlay


Members in Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from May 2004 meeting were read and approved with the following corrections:

  • Treasurer section states that the President and Registrar have not used their new cards.  This should read that the President and Registrar have not received their new cards.





The Treasurer distributed a draft budget, discussion of individual line items followed

  • Change estimated number of teams from 320 to 340 for estimating revenue and expenses.
  • Registrar fees
    • If state decides to use same registrars for all three leagues, we may not have the same expense
    • If the state decides to do this, ODSL will have to reconsider the registrar stipend
  • Question: If the league decides to create the Soccer Development Fund, should that be budgeted as an expense?
    • This has been added to the list of questions for the accountant who will provide guidance for this treatment of the Soccer Development Fund
  • Recommendation to reduce reproduction, postage, and materials expenses by moving more information online
    • All materials currently distributed in binders to ODSL teams could be provided on the ODSL web site reducing the cost of binders, reproduction, and postage
    • Historically, the club has not posted contact information online or provided it in electronic format to prevent the conversion of the ODSL contact list to a commercial mailing list
    • Recommendation to move this to annual meeting for a vote
  • Revised draft will be printed and distributed to the Executive Board for comment in advance of the Annual Membership Meeting



  • Will not be at the Annual Meeting
    • Reminders re: submission of
      • Schedule requests
      • Field availability forms
      • Vouchers with all checks
  • Question: Team A wants to combine with teams B and C to form two teams, but may need a waiver of age limits for one of the teams
    • Board will wait to see what their real numbers are before granting the waiver
  • All but 7 sets of trophies are in the storage areas.
    • AGCs will be notified to pick up their trophies in the new storage area as soon as all trophies for their age groups have been placed in storage.
    • Notice to AGCs about trophies includes a reminder to NOT distribute trophies until Commissioner OKs the 1st and 2nd place
    • VSA will share the cost of the storage area and will use it to store soccer equipment between
  • Last weeks rain has caused a set of rescheduling
    • Only 5 or 6 games are waiting for rescheduling
  • Referee cards are coming in full.  Coverage has been good this year.
    • Only 4 matches this year didnt have a center referee
  • There has been a lot of interest from high-school aged boys and girls to continue to play ODSL in the fall
  • Forfeits
    • #1287 Team A didnt have enough players, forfeit in favor of Team B
      • Motion for forfeit made and passed



  • I have 2 new registrars for ODSL
    • Teresa French who is a registrar for VCSL, so she is already up to speed with how things work just need to get her up to date on the ODSL rules.
    • Michelle Moriarty will be replacing Laura Jensen in the Ashburn, Loudoun area.
  • Will be having a July 17th Registrar Luncheon/Training session to go over all the changes in the state.  Will also hand out the manuals to registrars, envelopes etc.
  • The VYSA board will vote on June 16th on the new travel manual. 
    • State is recommending that leagues mandate all player passes be laminated. 
    • Recommendation that ODSL adopt this policy and require the player passes to be laminated. This will stop the altering of passes, help protect them in a coach or manager leaves the book in the rain, etc. 
  • Ordered and received the 350 binders for Travel Manual. 
    • Waiting for VYSA Board approves the final version of the Travel Manual before printing ODSL Travel Manual
  • Request Administrator to email all club reps and have them contact Registrar with how many teams they are expecting for the Fall in advance of the Annual ODSL Membership Meeting
    • Need to assemble the correct number of manuals
    • Need to assemble the correct number of player cards
  • Regarding question of a HS team wanting a waiver of the 40% rule, the rule does not apply to the HS age group


Boys Commissioner

  • Worst season for score reporting
    • Some scores are not getting in until Tuesday
    • Request that the importance of timely reporting be made once again at the league meeting
  • U-9 team has expressed an interest in a for 7 year old
    • Recommend team send a request for the waiver to the President  however no waiver has ever been granted in the past



Girls Commissioner


Vice President

  • There will be a conduct hearing prior to the annual meeting for coaches that received red cards
  • Player development
    • There has bee Good attendance at first two, poor at second
    • Recommendation to consider changing the focus from coaching development to player development



  • Reviewed agenda for Annual Meeting
    • Valley Soccer travel only club seeking membership
    • Request Secretary locate minutes from last Annual Membership Meeting for review of any old business
  • Reviewed votes for the upcoming VYSA Meeting
    • By-Law Changes 1
      • At the state level, there are 4 travel commissioners for boys and 2 commissioners for girls
      • Proposed by-law change is for the Boys West commissioner to become the West Commissioner dealing with both boys and girls teams
      • ODSL has about 50 teams in this area and is concerned that this will split the leagues representation
  • Old Business
    • Recruiting policy tabled for future discussion
    • Soccer Development Fund
      • Proposed criteria distributed for discussion
        • Applications for funds due at June and January Board meetings
        • Applications must include repayment plan for no more than 3 years
        • Limit $10k per project
        • Club must be in good standings with ODSL and VYSA
        • Clubs must have a record of fundraising to support the clubs ability to repay the fund (including financial statements)
        • Clubs must maintain at least 2 teams in ODSL during the period
        • (Subject to discussion with accountant) All loans will accrue interest at the apr of 5% of the total loan until paid.  This MAY be waived if the club repays the debt on schedule
      • The program must be reviewed by the accountant