ODSL Board Minutes Mar. 2008

ODSL Exec. Board Meeting Minutes


March 25, 2008



Present:  Randy Martin, Wayne Gardella, Paul O’Connell, Lisa Wilson, Bob Gray, Greg Waldrip, Dave Milne



Meeting called to order at 7:40 PM




Paul presented the current balance sheet and income and expense report from the accountant. Figures show that we are currently operating at about breakeven.  Because of increased fees this coming Fall for VYSA, additional electronic programs that the league has contracted for, and a review to be conducted on referee costs, a recommendation will be made to the Clubreps in April to increase fees by at least 10%.  Treasurer and administrator will prepare comparisons between ODSL team fees and referee fees with that of the other leagues.



The league has invested $200,000.00 of reserve funds in a 4 month CDs.




Lisa brought to the Exec. Board information that recently came to light about under which cases the league can enforce a decision made by more than 51% of a teams members.  The league only has the ability to enforce a decision made about the transfer of the team from one club to another.  All other decisions such as who is the rightful coach of a team or who controls the assess of a team should be referred back to the sponsor club.



Boys and Girls Commissioners

Both commissioners agreed that the league need to establish a formal process for teams to make preseason requests for division placements.  These were a particular problem in the lead up to this season.  A motion was made by Greg Waldrip and seconded by Wayne Gardella as follows:  Preseason requests for division placement must be made by the ODSL Club Rep on behalf of a team, directly to the Boy’s or Girl’s Commissioner via email before the application deadline in order to be considered by the Competition Committee. The commissioner will acknowledge receipt.  No appeals will be considered.  The decision of the competition committee will be final.




The High School boys division was discussed.  At present 4 teams have expressed an interest but we don’t have definite applications.  Wayne discussed plans for marketing this further.  All agreed that this still was a great idea that will take time to get off the ground.




Dave reported that despite some last minute withdraws and requests the scheduling process has progressed smoothly.  Dave described the new referee assignment program and the process they will use to report matches.  A parallel system will still be conducted this season during transition.  In the future the cards will not be mailed, all reports will be made online.  This year teams will give the same report card  to the ref prior to the match and he will mail it as well as report online. In the future, a card will be given to the referee but he will not mail it.  Dave asked that the Board approve a format for the report card in the future that requires that teams paste a miniature roster to the report card prior to giving it to the ref.  This will make for more accurate reports of cautions and ejections.  The new online referee report will track yellow and red cards as well as sportsmanship points and post totals for all on the website as part of the team record.






Randy discussed the need for revised written procedures for the Conduct and Appeals committee.  He tasked Greg Waldrip and Wayne Gardella with revisions to the Conduct Committee procedures and he (Randy) will work on revisions to the appeals committee procedures.  Both groups will be assisted by Dave Milne.  Randy made the following appointments of Board Members to committees: 

Conduct Committee:  Wayne Gardella, Chair; Bob Gray, Greg Waldrip, Karen Klumpp; and Lisa Wilson.  Appeals committee: Randy Martin, Chair; Paul O’Connell, Gary Brindle; Dave Milne will serve as a non-voting member to the committee on ODSL Procedures and Laws of the Game.  Additional appointments will be made from non- Exec. Board Members from the league.



Outstanding sit-outs from the Fall 2007 season were discussed.  Several players or coaches owe sit outs from the last match of their Fall season that will be enforced the first match of this season.  In addition, several players and coaches from the Spring season either neglected to sit out an additional match after being ejected from a match, or they neglected to send in the required sit-out confirmation card.  These players and coaches will be required to sit out two matches.  Dave will prepare a list , send it to his attention prior to notifying the offenders.



The agenda for the Preseason meeting was discussed and assignments made for duties.



The meeting was adjourned at 10 PM.