OCT 2004 BOD Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2004


Brought to Order 8:00 pm/Adjourned 9:30 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Vice President Wilson Gilbert


Members in Absent:

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from September 2004 meeting were read.  The noted date of the September meeting was corrected to September 9, 2004.  With this correction, the minutes were approved.





  • Revised O3/04 budget was updated for late fees paid. 
  • Adjustments have been made to the 04/05 budget
    • A question was asked about Bank Fees in the current budget
      • Bank fees = returned checks ($5 fee)
    • 04/05 Budget is based on 360 teams
      • Jumped 5.56% in teams, so used that factor for # of players, registrar fees, etc.
      • Total of other fees up about $7500 and will be added to the capital fund
      • This adjustment covers additional expenses for the additional teams.
  • A motion to approve changes to new budget was made and passed
  • Some clubs are sending in payments in ADDITION to the individual teams.  This can be difficult to track.  There was a discussion about changing procedures for fee payments.  Decision was made to send this to a membership vote because this is affecting fees.  The alternative is that we need to hire a bookkeeper to track and manage the application of fees to correct team liabilities.
  • A request was made to add questions to the online registration form for next season to determine if a team may have already paid their insurance fees while playing in another league or playing for a different club or playing under a different team name. 



  • Season's been great because of the weather
  • Inter-league games have had some scheduling problems
  • There has been a rash of games without referees
    • It could be that WAGS and NCSL is getting more efficient with staffing referees
    • ODSL referee assigners may not be scheduling long enough in advance
    • Question: Are all ODSL assigner's certified?  A: No.  Dave is the LEAGUE's certified assigner.  Reason: All certified assigners have access to a database that provides more information to help them assign referees
    • A question was asked about drafting a letter encouraging each team to have two parents certified as referees.
    • We have been waiting for Demonsphere to create a referee module for our web site.  Demosphere hasnt shown any substantive movement so we are going to consider one of the other products available for referee assigning.
    • Certain clubs are having a harder time with referees.  Dave is looking into ways to help these assigners.
  • Some assigners have requested that referees be paid on a more frequent basis
    • These assigners are willing to take a check from ODSL and turn around and pay their referees directly.



  • Who is in charge of R&D?  Need a hearing
    • U-13 boys has a player rostered to two clubs
      • Gary will attend the hearings.
      • This is a violation of a state rule.  According to Brenda, the state registrar, League has to have a hearing first.  This can be appealed to the Adjudication committee at the state level.
      • Facts:
        • Mother tells coach they were moving and kid wouldn't play.  Didn't release the player because he wasn't asked or didn't know.
        • Family moves and joins a team new team.
        • The player will be released from the old team and changed from an "ADD" to a "TRANSFER" on the new teams roster
        • Any games played with this player will be forfeited
        • We must verify that he did not play in their 10/3 game
        • Both teams will be notified that the transfer paperwork must be completed before the player may play.
  • There are only have 9 teams that have not transferred their Roster Pro data.  We need to find out if this is a RosterPro error.
  • WAGS and NCSL will not take action on the 5 player transfer rule until they find out what Maryland is doing.
  • Registrations are starting for the workshop.  Will ODSL pay for hotels for the registrars?  Yes.  Dual registrars will have the bill split between leagues.


Boys Commissioner

  • We found a replacement for the boys team that pulled out of interleague play
  • Another U-16 boys team pulled out of interleague play because the coach has a conflict.  Gary will look for a replacement.
  • CYA United can't go because they don't have enough players 

Girls Commissioner

  • A question was raised about the size of a field use for ODSL games.
    • ODSL investigated and found that the field was small but legal. 
    • The two sidelines were the wrong color, corner arcs weren't there making the field hard to play
    • The Girls Commissioner measured the field at 100 yd. x 50 yd.



  • Email from a parent because a girl sprained an ankle in a hole.  He wanted to know what ODSL was going to do with it.  The home team is responsible for field and the referee has the final decision regarding field conditions.  Visiting teams should check for field problems before the game.
  • Appeals and Conduct committees
    • The Appeals committee is chaired by the President and includes the Treasurer, Registrar, and Secretary
    • The Conduce committee is chaired by the Vice President and includes the Boys Commissioner, Girls Commissioner, and Administrator
  • Planned on calling an appeals committee meeting. 
    • A team submitted an appeal that the score of the game was reported incorrectly
      • Team A reported a 4-3 victory, Team B repored a 3-3 tie, Referee reported a 3-3 tie
      • Team B says the disputed goal was scored while they were treating an injured player
      • Game was stopped for 5 minutes until player was removed.  Game was restarted with kick-off.
      • Team A, the home team, did not confirm the score with the referee at the end fo the game.
      • Actions to be taken
        • Ref has been asked to contact the AR to confirm score
        • Administrator to pull game card to get names of AR's so the referee can check
      • This will be tabled until more information is obtained.
  • Game Incidents
    • On 9/26: there were nine red cards issued across ODSL.
    • Game Incident 1
      • Incident between parent and official.  Referee advised to report to the state referee administrator
    • Game Incident 2
      • Incident between an AR and a player.  Recommended the referee refer that to the state referee administrator
    • Forfeit
      • U16 Boys Team A forfeited game with Team
      • Team A has felt that Team B was too strong for them to play
      • Motion to declare forfeit in favor of Team B was made and passed.
    • Game Incident 3
      • U-15 Girls Team A was home team
      • No officials were at the game and neither head was there at the start of the game.
      • MGR and Asst Coaches agreed to play the game with a Team B parent as the referee.
      • At Half-time, Team B coach arrived with his team trailing 2-0.  Team B coach informed Team A that they intended to treat game as "scrimmage"
      • During the second-half, there was an altercation between one player from Team B and one from Team A
      • Discussion
        • Following ODSL operating procedures, if the teams agreed that this was a game, it's a game.  The game progressed beyond half time, at which time it became an official game.
        • It's an official game.  Game stands as played.
        • No game report was submitted.  Team B suspended their player involved in the incident.
        • Members are in agreement that it is an offical game.  Motion made and passed.
        • Gary will send an email out
    • Parent complaint
      • Team parent complained about the conduct of visiting coaching staff.
      • This matter has been referred to the club rep.
    • Complaint by coach
      • Concern was the game was very physical, fouls all went the other teams way
      • The coach is concerned about the next game
    • A game was ended in 60th because visiting coach refused to leave the field.
    • Team A doesnt want to play Team B because Team B has accumulated  too many penalty points


Old Business

  • None


New Business

  • Normal date for the November meeting would be the 11th.  Gary will get a location for the meeting.


Motion to adjourn was made at 9:30.  Motion passed.