Oct 2003 Board Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2003


Brought to Order 7:50 pm/Adjourned 9:10pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Secretary Debbie Cervantes (Acting)

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray (Absent)

Boys Commissioner John Findlay (Absent)

Administrator Dave Milne



Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from 14 August 2003 were read and approved.  (There was no Board meeting in September.)




The report was not completed in time for this meeting. 



There will be a new Referee program on the ODSL website.  Working with Demosphere and having a referee page for each Club Assignor (each with a unique password).  All games will be listed for any referees wanting to cover a game in other locations.  Looking at having this page be the area where referees will enter game scores.  Also, this program will help to identify new referees with VYSA, assist in the printing of referee cards, and aid in the payment of referees.


New trophies were presented and approved for the Fall 2003 season.



With the exception of 6 teams, all ODSL teams are in the State database.  The 6 not in the database are primarily due to teams not following Step 6 in RosterPro.


Joy will be stepping down.  Joys 3 teams have been distributed amongst other Registrars.


Vice President:

There have been 4 scheduled ProExcel clinics.  Two of them that have commenced have been well attended.  Of the remaining 2, one will be made up in the 2003 Fall Season and one in the Spring 2004 season.


A suggestion has been made to showcase players in ODP who have come from ODSL teams.


Boys Commissioner:  (Absent; President Reporting)

Only issue so far has been with Stafford Strikeforce where the coach pulled his team from the field.


Girls Commissioner:  (Absent; President Reporting)

There will be a few forfeits for the Board to hear at the next Board meeting in November.


There was an issue regarding a Vienna field being too small.  The Club is re-lining the field.



There will be an appeal of a Sterling game at the next Board meeting in November.


The recruiting policy will be brought up for discussion again at the Open January Board meeting.


Competition guidelines are being reviewed for the Spring 2004 season.


Excessive scoring will continue to be monitored closely.


There is money in the budget for Good of Soccer.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



The Quarterly Open Board meetings will continue.


The Secretary position remains open.


The U9/U10/U11 Program will be under review and voted on at the Open Board meeting in January.  The vote will be whether to keep these age groups at the Travel level or not.



All ODSL Club Reps who will not be sponsored for the Annual VYSA Conference this January in Richmond, can be sponsored by ODSL.


Everyone is encouraged to visit the VYSA website to find the forms for Volunteers of the Year.


Next Monthly Scheduled Board Meeting:

November 13th, 2003 at 7:30 pm