New Team Numbers

Official Team Numbers for teams new to the ODSL in the Fall 2018 season.  

ALEX 2010 Boys Black OD1000B Under 9 Boys
ALEX 2010 Boys Gold OD1001B Under 9 Boys
ALEX 2010 Boys Silver OD1002B Under 9 Boys
ALEX 2010 Girls Blue OD1003G Under 9 Girls
ARL 08G Gold OD0848G Under 11 Girls
ARL 10B Gold OD1004B Under 9 Boys
ARL 10B Silver OD1005B Under 9 Boys
ARL 10G Gold OD1006G Under 9 Girls
ARL 10G Silver OD1007G Under 9 Girls
BRDW Lynx09 OD0928B Under 10 Boys
BRYC Galaxy OD0929B Under 10 Boys
BRYC Hot Shots OD0930G Under 10 Girls
BRYC Power OD1008G Under 9 Girls
BRYC Strykers OD0745B Under 12 Boys
BRYC TBD  OD1009B Under 9 Boys
BRYC U11 O8B Victory OD0849B Under 11 Boys
CYA 07B Black OD0747B Under 12 Boys
CYC Olympiacos 05B OD0599B Under 14 Boys
CYC Olympiacos 06B OD0677B Under 13 Boys
CYC Olympiacos 08B OD0850B Under 11 Boys
CYC Olympiacos 09B OD0931B Under 10 Boys
CYC Olympiacos 09B OD0932B Under 10 Boys
FFC 03 girls red OD03132G Under 16 Girls
FFC 04 boys red OD04127B Under 15 Boys
FFC 05 boys red OD0600B Under 14 Boys
FFC 06 girls red OD0672G Under 13 Girls
FFC 07 boys red OD0748B Under 12 Boys
FFC 10 boys black OD1010B Under 9 Boys
FFC 10 boys red OD1011B Under 9 Boys
FFC 10 girls black OD1012G Under 9 Girls
FRSA CC Dynamite OD01160G Under 18 Girls
FRSA FC Royal OD0673B Under 13 Boys
FRSA ROX 07B Blue OD0749B Under 12 Boys
GFRS 07 Milan OD0750B Under 12 Boys
GSC Spirit 10G OD1022G Under 9 Girls
GSC White 10B OD1021B Under 9 Boys
GSC Premier United Black OD0759B Under 12 Boys
LFC Rampage OD0751G Under 12 Girls
LFC Schalke 06 OD0674B Under 13 Boys
LOUD 09G Green OD0933G Under 10 Girls
LOUD 10B Gray OD1013B Under 9 Boys
LOUD 10G Gray OD1014G Under 9 Girls
LPFC 2007B OD0752B Under 12 Boys
MSC Lions 07 OD0753B Under 12 Boys
PWSI Boys 2002 Pride OD02149B Under 17 Boys
PWSI Boys 2005 Challenge OD0601B Under 14 Boys
PWSI Boys 2006 Pride OD0675B Under 13 Boys
PWSI Boys 2007 Classic OD0754B Under 12 Boys
PWSI Boys 2007 Pride OD0755B Under 12 Boys
PWSI Boys 2008 Classic OD0851B Under 11 Boys
PWSI Boys 2009 Pride OD0934B Under 10 Boys
PWSI Girls 2006 Pride OD0676G Under 13 Girls
PWSI Girls 2008 Challenge OD0852G Under 11 Girls
SCSL United OD00159G Under 19 Girls
SYA Cardinals 08G Silver OD0853G Under 11 Girls
SYA Cardinals 09G Silver OD0935G Under 10 Girls
VAR Revolution 07G OD0756G Under 12 Girls
VAR Revolution 08B OD0854B Under 11 Boys
VAR Revolution 10B OD1015B Under 9 Boys
VAR WLFC United 04 OD04129B Under 15 Boys
VAR WLFC United 05 OD0602B Under 14 Boys
VISA Club 06 OD0757B Under 12 Boys
VSA 09B Jr Academy Pulisic OD0936B Under 10 Boys
VSA 09G Jr Academy Heath OD0937G Under 10 Girls
VSA 10B Jr Academy Pogba OD1016B Under 9 Boys
VSA 10G Jr Academy Pugh OD1017G Under 9 Girls
VYS 10B Gold OD1018B Under 9 Boys
VYS 10G Gold OD1019G Under 9 Girls
WCFC 07G White OD0758G Under 12 Girls
WCFC 09G White OD0938G Under 10 Girls
WCFC 10B Red OD1020B Under 9 Boys
WIN United 09B Blue OD0939B Under 10 Boys