Minutes of Exec. Board Mtg 8-2013

ODSL Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

 Thursday 8/8/2013

Directors in attendance: Karen Klumpp (President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner), René Madigan (Girls Commissioner), David Murphy (Treasurer), Doug Martz (Vice President) , Tom Lewis (Member-at-Large

Directors absent:

Others in Attendance:  Dave Milne (Administrator)

Meeting called to order at 8:15 p.m with David Murphy taking minutes as acting Secretary.


Administrator:  (Dave Milne)

·         One or two clubs are barely hanging in the league, due to teams jumping to other clubs.  Other clubs are surging.  “Tide comes in, tide goes out.”

·         Approximately 10 teams planned on playing in EDL until they found out --- on the day ODSL stopped accepting applications --- that EDL would schedule 4 games for the entire season.  They were admitted late.

·         Over half a dozen teams had to coerced into paying their fees; two or three others still have not paid.

·         Permit has been granted for pre-season meeting (Aug 25) at BHS, with 147 new teams.  Board members (wearing red) should arrive by 5:30, new managers at 6:30, regular at 8:00.  Sportsmanship awards will be presented during the meeting instead of at the end.

·         The division structures, both Boys and Girls, are done.  The topic of whether teams should be allowed to “jump” clubs arose, but no decision was reached.  There is a state rule that 51% of the team wants to move, and there must be a letter from the club being left that the team is in good financial standing.

·         Dave tries to be strict about teams populating their roster on the ODSL website, which is used by the referees to check which players were carded.  In theory we could punish teams but we won’t at this time.  On Aug 8, Lisa reports 286 out of 363 ODSL teams have already entered player data in the VYSA database.

·         Dave is keeping a journal of his activities, as requested by the Board.

·         The next Executive Board meeting will be September 12 at 7:30 PM.

Treasurer:  (David Murphy)

  • Copies of the year-end financial statements for 5/31/2013 were handed out.
  • Accepted bundle of checks from Dave just before meeting; will track & deposit.
  • Greg asked when referee pay was last reviewed, since the league is doing well financially.  Dave replied that it’s been a while.   We don’t know what other leagues are paying, but we should ensure that we’re keeping up, so Dave will call Sharon and report back to us.

Secretary:  (David Murphy, acting)

  • Nothing to report.

Registrar:  (Lisa Wilson)

  • Nothing to report.



Boys Commissioner:  (Greg Waldrip)   

  • Nothing to report.


Girls Commissioner:  (René Madigan)

  • Nothing to report.


Vice President:  (Doug Martz)


·         Nothing to report.


At-Large:  (Tom Lewis)


·         No report


President:  (Karen Klumpp)


·         Code of Conduct must still be turned in, but it can be scanned and emailed now.

·         Sponsorship on jerseys:  the Board agrees that the league will not prevent this.  Each club should have a policy in place stating whether they allow it.  Content will follow VYSA rules.  ODSL reserves the right to reject any name which is connected to alcohol, cigarettes, or any conduct not in keeping with the league’s image.  The website should have this posted.


Old Business:


·         None


New Business:


·         None.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m.