Minutes ODSL Exec Board Mtg, 9-13-2012

 ODSL Executive Board Meeting


Directors in attendance:   Karen Klumpp (President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), David Murphy (Treasurer), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner), Rene Madigan (Girls Commissioner), Tom Lewis (Member-at-Large), Doug Martz (Member-at-Large)

Directors absent:  Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Steven Kirk (Secretary)

Others in Attendance:  Dave Milne (Administrator)

Meeting called to order at 7:35pm.


Minutes were reviewed and approved for meetings held 7/12/2012 and 8/9/2012. 

  • Unusual start to season – schedule has changed for over 100 games already.  Dave tries to deconflict the schedule with the other leagues, but their schedules came out later than normal.  Some of the changes were just field changes.
  • A couple incidents occurred the first weekend of play.  Dave will meet with Wayne about any needing R&D review.  Others were results of referees not being fully aware of the ODSL rules.  Very important that teams provide the referee with the full green card, as it has the rules (ie, 7v7 versus 8v8, etc) printed on it.
  • Taxes have been prepared for 2011.  Nothing unusual.  ODSL had $13K more in expenses than revenue.  The small increase in fees this year should help cover that loss.
  • Support for Demosphere of approximately $4K rolled over from last year.
  • TopSoccer – ODSL continues to contribute to active programs.  Part of the funds used to contribute to this program comes from unused fees collected for player insurance.  Teams pay VYSA fees for a full team; if they don’t reach that number, then there are unused dollars remaining.


  • Checks were not deposited until August.
  • Murphy compared spreadsheet of checks to registration to ensure that all funds were collected for the Fall season.


  • Registration has been a lot of work for the registrars this year.  Simplifying the process for the teams has actually increased some of the basic errors.  Now a lot of it can be fixed by the registrars, and many of them are doing that rather than sending the packet back to the team for correction.  It is entirely up to the registrar as to whether they fix it or send it back to the team.
  • Rosters for at least 4 teams were unable to be completed prior to the first game of the season.
  • VYSA convention is February 1 & 2, 2013.  It will be held in Richmond again this year.
  • Winners of the ODSL awards were submitted to VYSA for consideration of the State awards.
Boys Commissioner:   
  • There was some confusion about one of the boys teams, and the age that they needed to register for rostering.  This was corrected, and other teams were notified about the change in age group.
Girls Commissioner:
  • A U10 girls team was concerned about their placement.  This was addressed.
  • One of the U18/19 teams had to withdraw as they were unable to get enough players.
  • Rene expressed thanks to Dave and Tom for all their help as she adjusted to her new position.
  • Doug brought forward information about a new league being formed in his area:  EDL (Elite Development League). 
  • Would like to have ODSL consider presenting ODSL awards at the beginning of the pre-season meetings.  We go through them fairly quickly, and it’s sad to see everyone leaving as our award winners are coming up to get their award.
  • Karen would like to see if we can run a report to find out which teams do not have an approved roster 1 week prior to the first game of the season.   This would allow us to be a bit more proactive in helping the team get it together, or rescheduling as needed.
 The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.