Minutes from Annual General Memebership Meeting Jun 08




ODSL Club Representative Annual General Meeting







Officers in attendance:  Randy Martin (President), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Karen Klumpp (Secretary), Paul O’Connell (Treasurer/VYSA Representative), Dave Milne (Administrator), Lisa Wilson (Registrar) 


Meeting was called to order at 7:10, and roll call was taken. 


Treasurer Report:   The budget for 2008-09 was reviewed.  Paul explained how the end of this season is just projected, as we are still a couple days away from the end of the year.  At that time, we’ll receive a statement from the accountant.  A motion made for approval of the budget.  The motion was seconded.  No one had any comments to make for discussion.  The budget for 2008-09 was approved. 


VYSA Representative:  Paul had 3 things he wished to present from VYSA – 


  1. VYSA award nominations are due early.  The nomination forms are available on the VYSA website (www.vysa.com), along with further information.  
  2. The VYSA Workshop this year will be held in Crystal City!!  It will be at the end of January 2009.  Recommendations for workshop topics (league management, club management, coaching, referring, field maintenance, etc) that you would like to see can be sent to Paul (holyx@hotmail.com), and he will make sure they get to VYSA. 
  3. The State Referee Committee has levied a fee increase on referee’s clinic fees.  


Registrar:  Lisa brought team envelopes and player passes for club reps to pick up.  There was only a small stack of envelopes still available, but she will be ordering more.  If you still need them, please email her and she will mail them to the club rep.  There has been some turnover in the registrars, so there will be moving of teams in respect to the registrars.  Please be sure to check on-line to be sure that you’re going to the correct registrar. 


Administrator: The Girls Commissioner position is now open.   This position acts as liaison between the teams and the  board.  This individual is also a member of the competition committee.
More than 50% of the games had to be rescheduled in the spring season.  Teams did a great job getting the information to Dave in a timely fashion.  There were only about six games that just could not get played.  Trophies (plaques) were mailed directly to the first and second place teams.  Dave received comments both ways -- some prefer the big trophies, others thought the plaques were wonderful.  The advantage of the plaques was being able to ship them directly to the teams.  
Checks were sent out to 890 referees!  Dave has received a lot of feedback from assignors regarding the new online referee system. Starting in the fall, all referees will have to make their report on line.  They will only mail in the card if, for some reason, they are unable to make the entries on-line.  The referees can rate the coaches, players and parents all separately (-2 to +2).  The league has the ability to make the referee report public.  Most club reps were not happy with that suggestion.  Dave will look into making it public only for the assignors, and not the public in general. 
In order for the referees to indicate which player/coach received a card in the on-line system, teams will be required to input their roster information.  There will be a link off their team page to enter in the names and jersey numbers of all members of the team, and the names of the coaching staff.  This will provide a much better way of tracking the red and yellow cards throughout the season. 
In addition, there is a new referee report card that will be used for the games.  Even though the card will not be mailed in, it must be given to the referee.  The teams will now be required to list all the players/coach on the card, just as teams do for the other leagues.  This information can be printed out in the on-line YouthLeagues database (which teams use to register their players on the official roster).  Dave will place the necessary stickers into the packets handed out to the teams at the pre-season meeting. 
Everyone was able to pickup the ODSL Fee Submission Form for sending in with your club check.  Registration ends 7/7.  Fees are due 7/14.  One of your responsibilities as club representative is to go to ODSL web page and login as club rep.  Click on the link for Club Administration and ensure that each of the teams that have applied are valid.  You can apply for a returning team so that they don’t lose all their past history.  You need to review the applications to ensure they are complete. 
Elections for Registrar and President were held.  Term of office for all positions is 2 years.  There were no additional nominations from the floor.  The current Registrar and President were voted in to serve an additional two year term. 


Vice President:  The rules for the 6v6 High School play have been revised and are posted on the ODSL website.  This program is available for boys and girls in the high school age groups that are not able to pull together a large roster for regular season play. 


President:  Randy Rawls award deadline is tomorrow.  Remind teams.  It is important -- as the teams, officials and parents have worked hard for this.  If the team is unable to find the blue postcard, they can email Randy Martin (president@odsl.org).  Every year, there are teams that would have won, had they voted.  The team must vote for 3 teams.  Winners will be recognized at a DC United game! 


A brief update on the pending lawsuit was provided.   There are 9 parties attached to the suit.    ODSL has employed a separate lawyer beyond the Insurance company lawyer to ensure that our interests are properly attended to.  The league feels it is in very good standing, both as a charitable not for profit organization and the case in general.  


Many teams have questions about how to properly secure their portable goals.  There is a document on the ODSL website which outlines how to properly weight the goals.  The report is issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  All goals, portable or not, should be checked prior to any scrimmage, practice or game.  Don’t assume it is secure just because you are the second game. 


Interactions on the field between players, parents, coaches, and referees went much better during the Spring season.  Please keep up the good work and continue to encourage the good sportsmanship.  


New Business:
Additional discussion was held regarding the rated paid to our referees.  For the older age groups, ODSL is currently paying approximately $5 less per game.  A motion was made to increase the fees to those that are paid by other leagues in our area.  The motion was approved.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.