May 2004 BOD Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2004


Brought to Order 7:45 pm/Adjourned 9:50 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Secretary Paul OConnell

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Administrator Dave Milne

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray


Members in Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Boys Commissioner John Findlay


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from April 2004 meeting were read and approved.





  • New Bank of America check cards to Treasurer and Administrator, Pres and Registrar havent used them yet.
  • $290 has been approved for reproduction and meeting space for New Team Orientation meeting
  • A team registration check bounced and the league was charged a returned check fee by the bank
  • Some checks are sent without proper indication of the team to which they relate making the process or reconciling checks to teams difficult
    • Registrar recommends that we require all teams to pay for a full roster regardless of the number of players on the team.  This will avoid many of the problems with registration player fees.
      • President noted that this would require a vote at the annual meeting
      • If we wait until the annual meeting, the teams will have already paid for the fall
      • Main resistance from clubs in the past has been because many teams operate season to season and dont have the ability to float extra fees for the season
      • No vote was taken on this recommendation
  • For the spring season, season, the league received a check for a team that is not going to play in the league but wants to play in State Cup.  Teams are supposed to request a formal sit-out from the league.
  • For the June meeting, the league will need a budget for approval to send to the annual meeting.  Forecast is for 320 teams for the Fall 2004 season.



  • There have been many requests for rescheduling out of convenience (i.e. not because of field closures or State Cup conflicts).  ODSL will do its best to accommodate teams but will not guarantee that games can be rescheduled
  • One U18 Girls game has been rescheduled.  The home team will pay for the referees who were not informed soon enough that the game would not be played on the original date.
  • A U15 Girls team reported a serious injury (fractured skull) during a game.  The team thought the referees was not experienced enough for a U15 match.  The injured player appears to be OK.
  • ODSL is working with Demosphere so the application for the fall will be on the web site the first week of June
  • ODSL is anxious to add a referee program to the league web site, but Demosphere doesnt want to move on it until they have a consensus from 5 customers as to what type of program they want.  This is a problem because:
    • Difficult getting five customers (League customers and Club customers) coordinated
    • These five are so far apart in what they want the referee system to do
  • A game was not played because the home team didnt have enough players.  Referees showed up.  Motion to declare a forfeit in favor of the visiting team was made and passed.



  • Registrar changes in the fall
    • Currently, each league in our area (ODSL, NCSL and WAGS) assigns registrars for each club.  NCSL and WAGS think its beneficial for each club to look to one registrar no matter what league a team plays in
    • Differences between registrars for each league
      • There are differences in approaches including compensation of registrars and duties
      • Some transfer rules are different
    • Probably need to vote on this at the June meeting.  Registrar will  continue to talk to the WAGS and NCSL registrars
  • Preview of VYSA Registration Changes
    • New Team numbers
        • LLL = three character league code
        • CCCC = four character club code
        • YY = high end year (91 = born AFTER 8/31/91)
        • S = B or G
        • TTT = three character team code
      • According to Demosphere, this is not going to cost the leagues anything
    • As soon as these changes are approved, we will post to the ODSL web site
  • Three ODSL registrars are stepping down after this season
  • Request Administrator send an email to all teams reminding them to have their rosters at EVERY GAME


Boys Commissioner

  • Some of the AGCs are slow getting scores in



Girls Commissioner

  • Game 1263: VYS _______ & _________ Coach called on Thursday to reschedule, no available date (prom, Saturday game, memorial Day)  Visiting team couldnt get a date / game.  Motion to declare forfeit was made and passed (Gary abstained)
  • Request Administrator to remind teams that the home team must contact the visiting team by Wednesday the week before the game.
    • Some teams are sending an email but not confirming that the visitors received the email
    • Contact MUST include
      • Confirmation of date, time, location
      • Enhanced driving and parking directions if needed
      • Emergency contact numbers for field closures
      • Uniform color conflict resolutions
    • It would be nice if the contact also included
      • Information about places to eat nearby (for teams traveling long distances or around lunch/dinner time
  • There have been many reports about referees this season.
    • Common complaints
      • Not keeping control of games
      • Table for additional discussion
    • President remarked that at this years recertification course, his instructors stressed that referees should allow games to flow.  This could be encouraging referees to call fewer fouls



  • Annual Meeting
    • Due to conflicts, consider changing to June 27th
  • Bull Run Challenge tournament: Asked for $100 ad in their book Motion made and passed
  • Likely increase in VYSA registration fee of $1.00 to $10.50
    • ODSL will wait until VYSA votes on this before we will vote on increasing ODSL fees
    • ODSL expects this to pass
  • WAGS is considering making U-11s go 8v8 starting in the fall season
    • ODSL voted to maintain 11 v 11 starting at U-11 at the annual meeting
    • No plans to put this out at the annual meeting, this was voted at the January meeting
  • Recruiting policy
    • Handed out the same one, received no additional comments.
    • Incorporated the January meetings
      • Eliminated punishment of kids for parents misbehaving
    • Questions: Is there any time that a coach should be able to contact a player directly?
    • Guest players for tournaments should be contacted via the coach
    • Tabled for further discussion
  • Agenda for New Team Orientation
  • Ashburn Field Support
    • Field development status
      • Moving forward with the money they have
      • Fields have been graded, sprinklers are in, wells are drilled
      • Starting to run out of money
      • Starting a new fund raiser
    • Open issues
      • Need to consult accountant about non-profit association making a loan
      • At last meeting, request was made to establish policies first
    • ASC is open to whatever payback terms ODSL wants
    • The board is considering the establishment of a fund of $30k to be used for field development projects for clubs who will then repay the funds.  President will take the action to write the criteria and pending the approval of the accountants review of the propriety of the transaction