July 2004 BOD Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2004


Brought to Order 7:30 pm/Adjourned 9:11 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Administrator Dave Milne

Secretary Paul OConnell


Members in Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Open


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from June 2004 meeting were read and approved





  • Insurance ($10.50 per player) checks are starting to come in. 
    • Some are not coming with adequate information as to whom they belong.  Identifying the teams to which the checks belong is taking extra effort
    • PRES: When the Administrator submits application forms to the state, he should verify the accuracy of information submitted to VYSA.  The State Board had ODSLs spring numbers of girls / boys are reversed in VYSA records.  When we do this seasons registration, we need to make sure the numbers are correct.
  • We already we know the budget is understating revenue and expenses because of the number of teams that have applied are way beyond the number we expected.
    • PRES: Lets target the October meeting for a reforecast of our budget based on the number of teams that we have. 
    • We already have 390 registered (up from 320 in the spring and more than 340 anticipated in the budget)



  • Administrator has not been able to arrange a meeting with the accountant, yet do to scheduling problems.  PRES: We need to move forward on this because, for one thing, its holding up our decision on the Field Development Fund.
  • Wrapping up Spring season activities
    • All referees have been paid for submitted game cards
    • Almost 90% of ODSL games were fully staffed
    • Referee assignors have been paid
    • Final cleanup will occur as additional cards come rolling in
    • U-18 Girls and one division of U-14 girls trophies have not been picked up
      • PRES: I will call the U-18 teams
    • All spring bills have been paid, including trophies
  • 320 to 390 teams is the biggest jump in ODSL history.  These are primarily new teams and they are spread out through all age groups.
  • We took down the registration link from the website today (after deadline) with 393 teams. 
    • Already a couple of teams have emailed looking to register.  They have been directed to their club reps to register.
    • Massanutten teams are not in database yet so they could not register online.  Admin will work with their rep to get this taken care of.
  • PRES: From the competition standpoint, we need to do some research re: which are real new teams vs which are renamed or reformed team.  ADMIN: Will send number cutoffs to PRES and Girls Commissioner to identify those teams that are newly formed vs. renamed or reformed
  • Ref Assigner who handled BRYC, VYS, ABGC, VISTA, and VBSC has retired.  PRES: These clubs need to get certified assigners.



  • 10 clubs still need their binders.  The binders are in now.  McLean will get them shipped as their club rep was at the meeting but didnt get binders because we ran out.  The clubs that didnt attend the AGM will have to pick them up. 
  • Registrars meeting scheduled 7/17th. 
  • July 1st, teams are allowed to drop registration packages off.  August is going to be very busy because of the number of teams.  
  • There is a mandatory State meeting for registrars for July 10th.  All registrars must attend the mandatory state meetings.
  • The State approved roster for recreation up to 35 and travel up to 36. 
    • This was not brought up or mentioned at the annual meeting. 
    • Players still may not be rostered on more than one team.
    • Under this plan, teams would select an 18 player roster for each game from the larger pool of players.
    • PRES: ODSL rules regarding roster size have not changed
    • SECT: This seems to be contrary to the goal of small sided games as the team doesnt play each weekend.


[Subsequent to the meeting, Lisa Wilson requested that her new address be added to the minutes:

Lisa Wilson

12884 Hunterbrook Dr

Lake Ridge, VA  22192


Lisa has forwarded this information to all ODSL club representatives.]


Boys Commissioner                       

  • Position is open
  • Competition committee will begin working on division structures.


Girls Commissioner

  • Competition committee will begin working on division structures.


Vice President

  • Player development program
    • ODSL needs to look at another organization for player development.  Response to last seasons program leads us to consider format and another vendor.




  • Waiver requests in addition to those granted at the AGM

1.      Received three applications for U-9G from Arlington, but they did not request a waiver at the AGM.  PRES will call the club rep and make them aware.  The club rep was at the meeting, so PRES will ask what happened and why they didnt request a waiver.  Motion to grant the waiver was passed.

2.      Club rep for McLean was out of the country.  He contacted ADMIN before the meeting and let him know that they were going to request waivers for U-9G and U-10G.  McLean sent an alternate representative to the meeting, and the representative did not request a waiver. 

a.       Motion to grant a waiver for a third U-9G team was passed

b.      Motion to grant a waiver for a third U-10G team was passed

3.      Loudoun Soccer Club requested a waiver for a 3rd U-10G team. 

a.       Last spring, LOUD had waiver for a third U-10 team. 

b.      Per ODSL rules for waivers, LOUD should have left at least 1 team in ODSL for the U-11 season 

c.       Two of the (rising) U-11G teams left ODSL to join WAGS

d.      The 3rd U-11 team that was to stay in ODSL left the LOUD club.

e.       LOUD needs to take 2 teams to WAGS or risks not being able to take a U-12 team.  They know they are in violation of their agreement to keep a U-11G team in ODSL, but given the circumstances they cannot comply for the fall.

f.        Their representative was supposed to request a waiver at the AGM.

g.       Motion to grant waiver for a third U-10G team was passed.

4.      VISTA requested a waiver for a third U-14G team. 

a.       The VISTA club representative discussed the need to request a waiver with the ODSL PRES and Girls Commissioner immediately after the AGM.

b.      Motion to grant a waiver for a third U-14 team was passed

5.      VISTA requested a waiver for the 40% rule for a team to play in U-14G.

a.       Motion to grant a waiver of the 40% rule was passed

  • Sportsmanship Voting
    • About 2/3rds of the teams votes are in, with some additional emails to process. 
    • Deadline for submitting votes has passed.


Old Business

  • Recruiting policy tabled
  • Ashburn Field Support Loan
    • We are still waiting for meeting with accountant to assess draft of program guidelines


Motion to adjourn was made at 9:11.  Motion passed.