July 2003 BOD Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 10 2003


Brought to Order 7:45 pm/Adjourned 9:20pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President Wilson Gilbert (Absent)

Secretary Debbie Cervantes (Acting)

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner John Findlay (Absent)

Administrator Dave Milne


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from 12 June 2003 were read and approved.




There is no report this month.  A new account is being opened for the 2003/2004 year at Bank of America.  The account at United Bank will remain open for residual checks to clear.



334 Teams have so far registered for the Fall 2003 season.  Expecting about another 4, or so.


Referees for the Spring season have been paid.


All Referee Assignors have been paid the approved bonus for the Spring season.


25 Referees have qualified for the Referee Bonus.



Fall Registration is going well.


Vice President: (Absent)

The conduct hearing being chaired by the retiring Vice President will be held open.  This is to allow discussions amongst all the persons involved.


Boys Commissioner: (Absent)

Nothing to report.


Girls Commissioner:

Spring season went well, although many complaints regarding rough play.


The FCSC Forfeit has been denied.


For the Fall U10s, the divisions will be drawn out of a hat.



Two requests for waivers have been submitted for underage players.

-         The Board voted and denied the 7 year old for a U9 team.

-         The Board voted and denied the 7 year old for a U10 team.


The Randy Rawls Sportsmanship ballots have been tabulated.  There were 4 submissions after July 1st.  Those were not included in the tabulation.



The Division 1 Champion shirts will be mailed to winning teams.


The Secretary position remains open.



There was a Top Soccer pitch at the VYSA Workshop.  Need to send an email notice out to clubs about sponsoring Top Soccer.


Next Monthly Scheduled Board Meeting:

August 14, 2003 at 7:30 pm