Exec Board Mtg Minutes, Mar 2011


ODSL Executive Board Meeting
Directors in attendance:  Karen Klumpp (President), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), Steven Kirk (Secretary), Dave Milne (Administrator), Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner), Laurie Vicente (Treasurer) by phone.
Directors absent: Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner)
Others in Attendance: None
Meeting called to order at 7:30pm.
Minutes from 10 February 2011 Executive Board Meeting were presented. A motion was made to approve the minutes with change of adding line to minutes to state which directors are absent. Laurie was marked at being absent to 10 February’s executive meeting. Motion was seconded and minutes were approved.
  • Need to deposit checks for Spring Fees from clubs. Lori will deposit check for Team America.
  • ABGC still has not paid, if not received by 18 March 2011, teams will not be scheduled.
  • Discussion held about a club rep which asked about the amount we have in reserves in our account and why do we still charge the fee’s we do. It was explained to them that we need to have one year’s worth of operating costs in reserves per the IRS.
  • Will not be at the club rep meeting in April. Karen will bring player card stock and envelopes to the meeting.
  • Looking at the calendar to schedule training for team managers in June.
Boys Commissioner:  
  • Nothing additional to report.
Girls Commissioner:  
  • Only one team asked to play up in division structure. A few other requests from about a half a dozen teams for special requests, overall we were able to grant most of them.
  • Scheduling is ongoing and is going well. Still need to work on schedule for U-14/15 boys. We are adding the U-15 boys to the U-14 schedule to have more competition for the U-15 boys because there are only two U-15 teams. The standings for these two teams will be based on three matches played against each other and not on the matches against the U-14 teams.
  • Dave is sending out an email to the teams letting them know that he will be mailing out the team packets, so they need to make sure they have the correct address on their website.
  • New team meeting will be March 27th. It will be held at Battlefield Middle School at 7pm. New teams have to be there to pick up their packets. The packets for these teams will not be mailed to these teams.
  • Schedules will be released to the teams on March 26th. The schedules will be released to the referee assignors next week.
  • New teams will need to have their rosters and cards in to the registrars by March 20th at 7pm or else they will have to pay the $100 late fee.
  • Discussion was held about creating a new savings account for ODSL and roll the money from our CD into this account so that when CD rates become more advantageous, we can just take the money from the savings account into a new CD. Dave will be handling this and has board approval.
  • A lot of clubs have worked with Dave to move ODSL Games to turf open slots for games.
Vice President: 
  • Nothing additional to report.
New Business:  
  • Discussion was held to move Randy Rawls sportsmanship award ceremony at the beginning of the ODSL Pre-Season meeting. Dave will announce all the winners for the complete age group, they will come up and get their awards, and then will be dismissed once all from that age group has come up and received their award. Board agreed to this change.
  • Dave will be ordering another thousand Randy Rawls medals as we have gone thru approx. 900 of the last thousand we ordered last time.
  • Email will be going out in the next few days asking club reps for any new business or motions that need to be on the next meeting’s agenda.
  • Discussion was held if ODSL was interested in sponsoring Top Soccer players during the Kohl’s American Cup tournament. A motion was put forth to donate a $1000 to the Kohl’s American Cup for the Top Soccer players. Motion was second, and passed unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.