Brd Mtg Minutes Nov 2010

ODSL Executive Board Meeting



Officers in attendance:   Karen Klump (President), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), Steven Kirk (Secretary), Dave Milne (Administrator), Laurie (by phone)

Others in Attendance:  None

Meeting called to order at 7:45pm.


Minutes from 21 October 2010 Club Representatives meeting were presented.  A motion was made to approve the minutes.  Motion was seconded and minutes were approved.



  • Statement of Assets Report Reviewed.


  • There was a hearing on a registration violation at VYSA on an ODSL Team.
  • Discussion on making sure we keep to registration rules and guidelines.
  • Motion was put forth by Wayne Gardella, second by Lisa Wilson and unanimously approved. Motion: Teams that submit their initial roster to an ODSL Registrar within less than two weeks of their first ODSL League game, must submit a late fee of $100 payable to ODSL, and present it to their registrar with their registration package.
  • ODSL Late fee will be broken down with 50% to registrar and 50% to ODSL.

 Boys Commissioner:   

  • Nothing additional to report.

Girls Commissioner:   

  • Nothing additional to report. 


  • Trophies are ready. Several divisions are going down to the wire on who will be the winner.
  • Filed annual report with state corporation commission.
  • ODSL will consider additional ways that they can supporte the top soccer program 

Vice President: 

  • Discussion on Club Pass – Meeting will be set up to discuss this with club officials.
  • Discussion on “Regional” Executive At Large Board Positions. Will discuss at the next Club Rep Meeting 

New Business:   

  • Discussion about meeting location. Decided to try Hampton Inn in Manassas for next Executive Board Meeting.
  • Discussion on Advertisement on Website. Dave is going to look into it. Cost for Club will be $200.00
  • Set calendar 2011 Meeting Dates. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.