Brd Mtg Minutes Jan 2009


ODSL Exec. Board Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2009
Present: Randy Martin; Wayne Gardella; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Tom Lewis; Greg Waldrip; Lisa Wilson; Paul O’Connell
Meeting was called to order at 7:45.
·        Last season went very smoothly. Paul requested that a reminder email be sent out, including the form for sending payments to ODSL.
·        The league accountant recommends that you carry at least a year of operating funds in reserve, and the league is permitted to carry 5 years of operating funds in reserve.
·        Charitable immunity hearing to be held in May 2009.
·        Will be training a new registrar for the Springfield/Burke area. 
·        Any team coming from WAGS or NCSL should contact Lisa if they are returning to ODSL.   If the team is returning, they should request their club rep to apply for them so that their history is returned to them. Lisa will move the team from the other league, and in to ODSL, in order to save the team from having to re-enter all the data.
·        Small-sided issue: Interest from WAGS and NCSL teams wanting to play.   WAGS teams may not play. If they are taking a high school sitout, they are only allowed to play Region 1. If they play ODSL, WAGS will kick them out and they will have to go on the waitlist. There is no wait list for U18/U19. We will look at allowing them to play under their NCSL/WAGS roster in ODSL small-sided league. NCSL is 100% behind the 6v6. 
·        A motion was made to accept WAGS/NCSL rosters for play in the 6v6. It was seconded. Discussion followed. Why limit it to WAGS/NCSL? Teams having a valid and current US Youth Soccer roster should be permitted to play. However, it is still considered a pilot program – what happens if the outlying clubs should want to play? Should it be limited to ODSL member clubs? Amended motion: Teams from ODSL member clubs holding a valid and current US Youth Soccer roster with another travel league and are sitting out the season in their league are eligible to play in the ODSL 6v6 division provided they meet all required criteria. Please note: This is ODSL’s stance on the topic; WAGS teams must consider what the repercussions of playing in the 6v6 will be.
·        OSC no longer exists.  The OSC is not sponsoring any teams for the Spring season. Several teams moved to VIST. Two of the teams have applied under OSC; they will need to be informed that they cannot play under that umbrella as the club doesn’t exist.
Boys Commissioner: Nothing to report. 
Girls Commissioner:  
·        Motion was made to allow LOUD to add a third team. ODFC would like to add a third U14G team. Motion was made to allow ODFC to add the third U14G team. Motion passed. 
·        The division structure process was discussed. Tom discovered a glitch in the system; Dave was already aware of it and will be speaking with Demosphere about it.
·        Some referees did not report via either the online system or the card. If this happened, then they did not get paid. Thus, there are still some outstanding fees owed to referees.
·        Dave will send an email to the OSC teams that have applied to let them know their club is no longer a member and that they will need to find another club in order to play. 
·        The preseason meeting will be held 29 March 2009. The schedules will be released on that Saturday.
·        Quarterly meeting for club reps: Wednesday, 2/4/2009.
·        Current registration for the older teams are U16G (1), U17G (1), U18G (2). The younger age groups are filling in quickly.
·        At VYSA meeting, Randy and Dave need to meet with Scott Miller and the Washington Freedom. 
·        Dave has had conflicts getting to the adjudication committee meetings. Dave would like to recommend someone else to the committee.
Vice President: Comments about sportsmanship rating were brought forward. This was voted on at last Executive Board Meeting, and it was decided that only the season average will be posted.
VYSA Representative
·        Received an email from the VYSA president requesting that we implore our membership to apply to attend the workshop. 
·        As ODSL Representative, it was requested that he ask that VYSA re-look at being able to release a player for not meeting their financial obligations. ODSL will pay for club reps to attend the VYSA workshop if their club will not pay for them and so long as they are an active member in good standing.
·        TOP Soccer donation – ODSL provided $400 per club that had the program last year.   Eleven clubs received this donation. It will be proposed at the Club Rep meeting that this amount be increased to $500. Randy Rawls winners have been determined. Information will be sent to Dave for posting. 
·        No new club applications for the semi-annual meeting.
·        Positive Coaching Alliance: ODSL may want to revisit offering this. It’s designed more for clubs, than for leagues.
Meeting adjourned at 9:35