Brd Mtg Minutes, April 2009

ODSL Executive Board Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2009

Present: Randy Martin; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Tom Lewis; Greg Waldrip; Lisa Wilson

Meeting was called to order at 7:45pm.
Minutes from March board meeting (3/12/2009) were approved.

·         The Nicole Cup will be held in August, 2009. 

·         At the quarterly meeting in May, the following positions will be up for re-election: Secretary, Vice President, and Treasurer (odd year elections).

·         On even number years, the President, Registrar, and Girls Commissioner are up for re-election.



·         TOP Soccer donations have not yet been sent out. An email will be sent to the clubs to determine who has such a program. At a prior board meeting, it was agreed that ODSL would donate $500 to each club’s program.

·         Full referee crews are used on about 75% of the U11/U12 games.


·         There have been numerous requests to allow a player to transfer after the stated deadline (start of the season). We’ve been letting the parents/team managers know that they cannot be transferred onto the new team since they were not released prior to the first game of the league play. A motion was made and seconded that all future requests for exceptions to policy must go through the Club Representative. We feel it is very important that the Club Representative be aware of requests being put forth by their members.

·         Review of the 2009-2010 YouthLeagues database and applications is currently underway. This is ahead of time from previous years. The release date is scheduled for June 1.

·         No further information has been received from Kingstowne soccer club (new club application to be voted on at AGM, if application completed).


Boys Commissioner:  First two weekends have gone smoothly. There was an issue regarding competition/team placement. There was a team that should have remained in their division, but was accidentally relegated to a lower division. Unfortunately, the issue was not brought forward until 3 days prior to the start of the season. The team was very understanding, but the Board is sorry that this event occurred.


Girls Commissioner:  No problems yet this season. Tom did receive a call about a game that was to play on a field which also had a lacrosse game scheduled. The game was rescheduled.


·         On the first weekend of play, about 12 games had to be rescheduled. On 4/18-19, all but one game (double-booked) were played. 

·         Reporting is going well – only about 6 games have not yet been reported. 100% for Saturday were reported, 94% for Sunday. Already, 77% of the matches from this past Sunday (4/19) have been reported.

·         Referee reports are pretty good as far as comments. Assignors and referees are more comfortable with the system. Great information is going into the system.

·         Some referees have multiple accounts. If a referee works for more than one assignor, he will have a separate password for each assignor (the email may be the same). Overall, this is helpful because it limits the number of referees an assignor may have to scroll through in order to pick the correct referee. Only about 2% of 1700 referees (35 to 45) work for more than one assignor.

·         There have been more yellow/red cards at the beginning of this season, compared to last. Thus far, we’ve had 32 yellow and 5 red cards.


Conduct:  Based upon the undisputed report from the Clark County Soccer Club, the penalty assessed against the coach of the CCS Kicks was a 4 game suspension, effective immediately, with probation for the remainder of the seasonal year. Any violation by this individual, regardless of team, will result in a one year suspension from ALL ODSL activities and will be forwarded to VYSA. The board appreciates the honesty and forthrightness of CCS officers for bringing this to our attention.


New Business: Question about review of fields was raised, based on an email received regarding a field assigned to ODSL games. This email was forwarded to the fields committee for review.


VYSA Representative:  Randy Martin has volunteered to replace Paul O’Connell as the VYSA Representative for ODSL on the VYSA Board of Directors. ODSL would like to thank Paul for all of his time and service in this role over the past two years.

Quarterly Club Rep Meeting: Tentatively set for 5/13/2009.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.