BOD Mtg Minutes Feb 2007

ODSL Board Meeting
February, 2007



Board Members Present



Randy Martin – President
Wayne Gardella – Vice President
Greg Waldrip – Boys Commissioner
Bob Gray – Girls Commissioner
Lisa Wilson – Registrar
Dave Milne – Administrator
Gary Brindle – Past Pres.-  Player Development
Paul O’Connell – Secretary / VYSA Representative

Board Members Absent



Debbie Cervantes - Treasurer




The board received a 6 month financial statement from the new accountant.  Board members reviewed the statement.




The Registrar will be unavailable beginning March 20th.




First pass of division structures is complete.  The commissioner tried to honor all requests for placement.

The U-15 and U-16 teams will be combined into a single age group due to the number of teams.

The U-14 age group has 28 registered teams.  The best way to arrange these teams was into division of 10, 9, and 9.  The league will try to arrange a 9 game season for the division with 10 teams.

Discussion of Age Group Coordinators followed.  In past meetings, the need for AGC’s was questioned now that the web site allows teams to enter results online.  It was decided that AGC’s would be retained for the upcoming season to help with score posting, resolve conflicts, and collect yellow/red card information. 




Nothing to report.




The ODSL rep to VYSA discussed an issue he raised with the state board at an earlier meeting.  It is common practice for non USYS activities, such as indoor soccer leagues sponsored by indoor soccer facilities, use USYS player passes as proof of age during registration.  This seems to be contrary to requirements that USYS player passes only be used for USYS sanctioned activities.  The rep will discuss this further at the next VYSA meeting to determine if there is any need for the state board to examine this.






At the VYSA convention, there was not much interest from professional training companies to provide the kind of league sponsored training envisioned by ODSL. 

A survey form will be circulated at the next ODSL coaches’ meeting.

The state bylaws committee is meeting to consider restructuring the way recreation commissioners are apportioned.




In spite of some bugs, the new programs from Demosphere appear to be working.



Checks from clubs have been coming in.  We are still waiting on HERN, SYC, and TAFC.  We will check with the treasurer to see if they have been received but not deposited yet.



The league will begin working with the bank on cash management issues.  Now that the new incorporation has been completed and the accountant is in place, we can move forward with confidence to make the best use of reserves.



All field loads are in and we are on schedule for the start of the season.



The start of season coaches’ meeting will be on March 25th.  We have applied to Battlefield High School to host the meeting.  We are trying to secure an Internet connection to demonstrate online score reporting at that meeting.  Board members should be at the school by 5:30 to set up.  New coaches will meet from 7:00 to 8:00.  All coaches will meet from 8:00 to 9:00.



DC United will send somebody from the organization to speak at the coaches’ meeting (in addition to the normal marketing presence).  The person sent will depend on the DC United schedule.






Nothing to report.






DC United submitted a proposal for sportsmanship awards.  The board discussed the financial impact of the proposal in comparison to awards offered in the past.  One significant advantage of the proposal is that DC United will handle ticket distribution logistics.



Further discussion of the sportsmanship award followed.  A motion was made, seconded, discussed, amended, and seconded again:



·         Assuming it will be cost neutral, the league would like to replace the individual sportsmanship awards with DC United tickets.  Teams will only be eligible for the tickets if they are a current ODSL team.  Repeat winners would receive an award along with the tickets.  For new and repeat winners, the head coaches will receive awards similar to those provided in the past.



The motion passed without further discussion.



Motion to adjourn, second, passed.



Meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm