BOD Minutes Oct 2007

ODSL Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 10/4/07  



Randy Martin, Wayne Gardella, Paul O’Connell, Lisa Wilson, Bob Gray, Greg Waldrip, Dave Milne. 


Called to order at 7:30 PM 


Minutes of the last meeting (Aug 15) were read and amended to include the fact that Lisa Wilson was conferenced into the meeting via phone,  and then approved. 


Treasurer’s Report:  The accountant’s monthly statement was submitted as the basis of the treasurer’s report.  There were no questions concerning the operating statement.  The treasurer reported that all refunds have been sent to deserving teams.  Discussion ensued about the refund policy.  Lisa felt that the policy of refunding the portion of the fees collected that would be passed through to VYSA to teams that withdrew after final deadline was too liberal.  Most of the Executive Board was in agreement with this but it was suggested that approval be sought from club reps at the November meeting with them.  The recommendation to club reps will be that no refund be given to teams that withdrew later than one week after the application deadline. 


Boys Commissioner:  Greg has been very happy with the timely posting of scores.  ODFC One Ten contact Greg about a set of trophies promised to the One Ten following the Spring Season.  This was the result of a scoring error that was not brought to the Board’s attention until two weeks after the season.  The Board approved a dual set of second place trophies and advised the One Ten to contact Dave Milne.  Contact was never made.  The team has again been advised to contact Dave.  Greg informed the Board about a Red card and referee abuse by a player on the VIST ADESA.  The matter has been referred to the VYSA Judicial Board.  No further action can be taken by ODSL pending the outcome of their hearing.


Girls Commissioner:  Bob has received reports of unsecured goals and made immediate inquires with the clubs to be sure they were resolved.  Two forfeits were declared by the Board:  Match #3668 was forfeited in favor of the HSA team and match #3504 was forfeited in favor of the MONU team.  In each case a team was unable to field the minimum number of players.  Discussion ensured about the score we post of 1-0 for a forfeit.  The discussion was tabled to bring up at the meeting with club reps. 


Registrar:  Lisa related the case of another league in which the registrar failed to completely document a player release and now it has been challenged by the parents.  She will review this case with all ODSL registrars to be sure that they are aware of the critical need to complete all documentation.  Lisa asked the Board to reinstate a former ODSL fine for teams that submit their paperwork to the registrars late.  No action was taken. 


Administrator:  Dave outlined a new voice mail feature for reporting scores that can work in conjunction with our website.  A toll free number would be established that teams could call.  A computer-generated service would ask for the match number then ask for the score of each team.  The system would then sync with the website database and post the score.  Dave will seek a few teams to Beta test this feature but emphasized that our current system of having teams report online was working very well.

   Dave has been working with Demosphere to initiate a new referee system for ODSL that will allow referee assignors to enter their referees into our database online for each match and then referees would be required to make their reports online including cards issued as well sportsmanship points.  It is hoped that the system will do away with the need to mail in a match report and will expedite the payment of referees.  Hopefully the system will be in place by the spring season.  The Executive Board approved the approximately $500.00 cost of this per season.

   Dave advised the Board on how trophies would be handled this season through the vendor. 


Vice-President:  Wayne submitted a written proposal for small-sided play at the high school boys level.  This imitative is designed to provide divisions for older boys which typically drop of due to involvement in high school or other activities.  It is also designed to counter the NCSL policy of approving all teams for entry into the divisions U154 and older.  This action often leaves ODSL boys’ teams from areas without access to the NCSL without a place to play.  Considerably more teams would be available if they could play small sided matches of 6v6 or 7v7.  The Board will consider and discuss this and make a recommendation to Club reps soon. 


President:  Randy reported that a U11G team has appealed the issuance of 6 yellow cards to team members involved in a substitution that the referee claimed he did not recognize.  When the three girls entered the field and three started to leave he carded all 6 for entering and exiting the field. After some discussion the board wants more information from the referee.  Was this coach warned earlier in the match about this situation…should the coach have been carded instead of the girls?

  Randy asked Lisa to contact the Kingstowne Soccer Club about the request made this season to join ODSL that was denied.  A proper application has still not been submitted.  Lisa will make contact and be sure they understand what is required of them.

  Randy stated that Ray Greenberg with the State Judicial Committee has asked ODSL to recommend a member for the committee.  Randy will ask Ray to call Dave Milne to explain the responsibilities involved with the position and Dave will consider taking the position. 


The next meeting will be Nov 6.  It will be held at a hotel in Manassas.  Club Reps will be asked to attend.  Randy also wants to take time at this meeting to recognize the contributions of Gary Brindle and Debbie Cervantes.  Dave will send out notifications.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 PM