BOD Minutes May 2006

ODSL Open Meeting
May 25, 2006

Board Members Present:
Gary Brindle President
Wayne Gardella Vice President
Randy Martin Boys Commissioner
Dave Milne Administrator
Lisa Wilson Registrar
Paul OConnell Secretary

Board Members Absent:
Robert Gray Girls Commissioner
Debbie Cervantes - Treasurer



Clubs in attendance represent 73% of the teams in ODSL.


There was no quorum at the April meeting so no minutes were available.  The March minutes were distributed.  A motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded and passed.

Administrators Report

Rescheduling has gone fairly smoothly.  There were two rainout weekends.  Most of those games have been rescheduled.

Next week ODSL will be sending out PINs for U9 teams and Sportsmanship Ballots for all teams.  These will be going to the primary contacts.

ODSL night at DC United was a success.  38 Randy Rawls sportsmanship award winning teams were honored.  Theres a picture on the web site.  ODSL gets a lot of bang for the buck with our DC United relationship.

Trophies are under contract and should start flowing into the storage shed soon.


Treasurers Report

In Debbies absence, Dave distributed a financial report.  Debbie briefed Dave for this meeting.

For the last few seasons, ODSL has been operating at a break-even basis.  New or increased expenses have been funded out of league cash reserves.  For example, the increase in referee fees for the spring season was funded from reserves.  This increase totaled around $15,000. 

The following fee structure is proposed for the 2006/2007.  (Current fees are in parenthesis)

U-9                         $410 ($390)
U-10, U11                $480 ($430)
U-12 U18                $625 ($550)

This does not include the VYSA fees.  VYSA fees are expected to remain at $12.50 per player.  Assuming VYSA does not change the fee, the VYSA fees for full rosters will be:

U9, U10 $150
U11                        $175
U12 +                     $225

Last year, ODSL changed procedures to require teams to pay their VYSA fees for entire rosters rather than for the exact number of players on a roster.  There was some concern about what would be done with the additional fees collected from teams with fewer than full rosters.  For the 2005/2006 season, ODSL collected only $1,200 more than was remitted to VYSA for player fees.

A club rep asked why U12 had the same fees as the older age groups.  U12 teams use a three ref system.   Even though the referee fees are slightly higher for the older games, the differences are not material given the larger number of games in the lower age brackets.

A club rep asked when the last fee increase was made.  The current fee structure has been in place for around three years.  While some expenses have increased during that time, the league has trimmed expenses to keep total cost of operations down.  For example, moving information away from hard copy to web based content has significantly reduced printing expenses.

In this most recent season, ODSL has 341 teams.  Based on WAGS expanding to younger age groups, ODSL will budget for 275 teams for the fall.

A motion was made to approve the new fee structure.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Boys Commissioner

Randy reported that some teams are having a hard time reporting scores in a timely manner on Sundays.  Club reps should remind teams of the importance to report scores in a timely manner according to club rules.

The U9 age group has seen more yellow cards than the U10 or U11 age groups.  Gary asked if the cards were primarily issued to players or coaches and Randy stated they are mostly to players.

A request was made by SYA to reschedule match #821 vs. STAFF to SYA fields.  SYA stated that they were not called until 2 hours before the match and some of their team could not be notified before driving to Stafford.  SYA claimed that STAF sent emails to STAF teams about cancelled games at 8:00 that morning, but the STAF team didnt notify the SYA team until after 10:00.  The game was schedule for 1:00.  The board and club reps asked questions of the SYA and STAF club reps.  The STAF club rep was not aware of the issue and had not spoke with the STAF team and therefore was not prepared to answer questions. 

A motion was made to move the rescheduled game to the SYA site.  The motion was second and passed.  After the vote, the STAF club rep asked the board if it would consider reversing this decision if he could gather additional information from the team involved.  The board agreed to consider additional information at a later date.

Girls Commissioner

A request was made by WIN for the board to declare a forfeit in match #952 vs. SYA.  On the day before the original match was scheduled, SYA alerted WIN that no referees would be available to work the game.  WIN did not want to play under those circumstances.  The board preferred to reschedule the match rather than declare a forfeit.  The SYA club rep did not oppose moving the match to WIN fields.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to reschedule match #952 to be played in WIN.


Nothing to report.

Vice Presidents Report

No issues have been referred to the conduct committee this season.

A match has been appealed for misapplication of the laws of the game.   A goal was disallowed after a second offensive player scored by knocking in the rebound from a penalty kick that struck the post.  The appeals committee will review this appeal after information has been gathered from the other team and the referee.

Presidents Report

ODSL has hired an accounting firm to review our books and tax status.  This expense has been budgeted for some time, but it is difficult finding an accountant with the bandwidth to add ODSL as a client.

According to the ODSL bylaws, ODSL must be a member of VYSA.  ODSL is considering a bylaw change to say ODSL must be a member of US Soccer.  This does not mean we have any intention to change our affiliation; it is just a bylaw change.  This will be discussed at the AGM.

The president proposed a procedural change, recommending that clubs which do not have teams in ODSL for two seasons in a row will be dropped from ODSL memberships.  These clubs can reapply for membership when they have teams ready to play in ODSL.  The intention of this change is to allow the league to clean up the membership list.

A motion was made to make this procedural change.  The motion was seconded.  Discussion followed and a request was made to extend the period from two seasons to two years.  A motion was made to change the period to 3 seasons.  This motion was seconded and passed.  A request was made to send a notice to all club representatives about this change.

At a prior meeting, ODSL agreed that we would accept Maryland clubs as members.  As a precursor to this, the president sent an email to Maryland Youth Soccer regarding membership.   So far, ODSL has not accepted any Maryland clubs.  A club rep asked if there was a cost to become a member of MSYSA.  Gary replied that there is not, but there is some added complexity as Maryland players pay their state fees to Maryland.

There is a VYSA meeting on June 17th.  A VYSA bylaw amendment is likely to be passed at this meeting.  The amendment is designed to restructure representation on the state board.  Currently ODSL has no representation on the state board even though the league supports 6,000 Virginia soccer players.

If the amendment passes, ODSL must be ready to nominate a representative to serve on the board.  A motion was made to nominate Paul OConnell as ODSLs representative on the VYSA board.  The motion was seconded and passed.

The ODSL Annual General Meeting will be held in June.  Several dates were considered and Wednesday, June 21st was selected.  The meeting will be at 7:30 pm.  The meeting will be held at the Hampton Inn if the meeting rooms are available.

Elections for several board positions will be held during the Annual General Meeting.  The following positions will be elected: President, Registrar, Girls Commissioner.  A request was made for a nomination committee chair.  No volunteers came forward.  Gary will try to locate a volunteer.

Registrars Report

New player passes were made available to club reps at the meeting.  Clubs that need blank player cards should contact Lisa.

Updates to the online registration system are expected to be available in the middle of June.

A club rep asked what the team application date will be for ODSL.  Lisa said the date will be July 7th.  Registration will continue into August.

Dave asked that club reps remind their teams to adhere to guidelines for applications and schedule requests.  Spring was miserable with the number of teams that wanted to request schedule changes after the deadline. 

New Business

Currently, U10 teams are seeded in the fall but not in the spring season.  Should ODSL seed teams in the U10 fall season? Possible advantages to seeding include:

          Attracting teams that wont be seeded in WAGS until their U12 season

          Seeding might reduce the number of lopsided scores

A long discussion of this topic followed.  Major concerns were the method used to determine the seeding and the impact seeding will have on team development.  Gary discussed the current process for seeding older age groups.  Several comments were made, including:

          Use colors instead of numbers for divisions and rotate the colors so specific colors dont become associated with best or worst, and not post scores

          A miss-seeded team would concentrate the current problem of non-competitive matches on a single team rather than an entire division

          This would be bad for development as weaker teams would not have the opportunity to play the strongest teams

Discussion of the process included Garys statement that seeding these teams would be more art than science.  The intention of the competition committee is to create the best opportunities for the most teams.  In addition to game results, information from clubs regarding the nature of their teams (A / B vs. balanced teams) can be considered when seeding teams.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to seed teams in the fall U10 season.

A request was made to discuss not posting scores in the fall U10 season.  There were differing opinions as to whether posting scores encourages or discourages lopsided scores.  Gary asked that we table this discussion to the AGM.   Dave added that if the league doesnt post scores we should not award trophies for that division.

A club rep asked if ODSL is going to consider allowing substitutions for both teams as long as the team in possession substitutes on a throw-in.  Dave commented that this is much easier to handle when both teams are on the same side of the field (as in WAGS and NCSL games) but tough when they are on opposite sides (as in ODSL games).  Gary requested that this club rep send an email to the board so this can be added to the agenda for the AGM.

A motion to adjourn was made at 9:00.  The motion was seconded and passed.