BOD Minutes Mar 2005

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2005


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Secretary Paul OConnell

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin

Registrar Lisa Wilson


Board Members Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray


Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 pm


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from February 2005 meeting were read.

A correction was made to the February minutes.  At the VYSA Meeting, only Gary conducted the new travel teams workshop

A motion to approve the minutes was passed.





The Treasurer distributed the Treasurers report.

The report corrected the classification of assignor vs. referee fees per comment at last months meeting.


Question: How is the Bank Fees item offset by the Bank Fees in the income section?  Answer: NSF checks etc. sit in this account until offset by replacement checks in the income section.  The Treasurer is working with teams to collect on all outstanding NSF items.


Question: What is the $6,800 in Refunds?

Answer: This is the amount that was refunded to teams that dropped out before the cutoff date.


Comment: At the Jan meeting, we approved the combination of team fees and player card fees for the fall.  Because of this, we need a preliminary budget for the April meeting so teams can budget.  President will alert club reps that they should bring any budget items to the April meeting for the board to review in May so they can be addressed at the Annual General Meeting.


Preliminary numbers for this season are 3,164 girls and 2,162 boys for 5,324 total athletes.


Per last meetings vote, a check was sent to PWSI for an ad in their tournament program.


ODSL is still waiting for the Interleague check from Soccer Club of Reston for approx $200.  An Ashburn Soccer Club team withdrew from Interleague play.  ODSL found a substitute team for 2 of the games.   Cost of other two games will be charged against Good of Soccer


ODSL received a $152 NSF check from a LOUD team.  Treasurer will contact LOUD club rep.



Stonewall Jackson HS was not available for the night of the meeting.  Battlefield HS was very accommodating.  The problem with this location is that traffic can be rough.  The Administrator alerted club reps and team contacts of the need to plan accordingly.


All divisions went up on the web site without too many problems.


Question: Did Dave notify Occoquan Soccer Club that they got in? 

Answer: Yes


Almost all the field availability forms arrived in time.  The Administrator had to go back to several clubs for more time.  FPYC lost one of their primary field locations, so they are struggling for fields.  Some of their teams are going to have to play away games.


The Administrator is beginning to work on schedules. resolving dual coaching conflicts, etc.


Regarding ODSL Binders

It would be nice if we get to the point where we can put our contact information on the web site behind a password.  Currently the contact information is the only thing teams cant get online.


This year, all teams will receive an envelope with Ref report cards, Ref bonus cards, Sportsmanship ballot.  The Administrator will create a soft bound directory to hand to everybody at the meeting spring meeting.


Question: Can we create Registrar area for downloads? 

Answer: Yes


Question: Can we get limited information to only the teams they need? 

Comment: Lisa says Demosphere already does this for other league. 

Answer: Dave will try to get a directory for the current season and will try to go electronic for the Fall.


Question: Is Demosphere getting intrusion attempts? 

Answer: LOTS.  Demosphere has added spam and virus filters.


DC United Fairplay program

There were 9 repeat (2nd or 3rd) sportsmanship award winners, but one is no longer w/ the league.  ODSL spent $4,700 for the package for the current DC United season to cover this spring and next fall ODSL season.  Additionally, DC United has lots of other proposals for things we can do. 

  • For u-9 and u-10s, theyd like to sponsor an all-day fun day tournament on their RFK practice fields prior to one of their games in August.  For price of discounted tickets, theyll run the tournament and give them entry.  All they want from ODSL is sponsorship.
  • Also an ODSL champions night w/ league champion coaches honored. This would be top 2 teams for each U-11 to U-18 teams, boys and girls, for next fall.  Each head coach recognized on the field.  All team names would scroll across the scoreboard, 2 tix for each coach, player tix $10 (vs. $24), $18 for family/friends.  Game in the fall for champions in the spring.  DC United will discuss this at out Spring meeting.
  • ODSLs DC United rep is going to bring door prizes and prize wheel to the spring meeting



Its been a crazy season with new teams, roster changes, and teams changing leagues.


Vice President

No report.


Boys commissioner

Only one real complaint from a team regarding division structure. 


Age group coordinators were promised DC United tickets and ODSL shirts.  Dave will bring shirts to the meeting, but has to sort out the tickets.


Girls Commissioner

There were a couple of complaints about the division structures, but these have been worked out.




National workshop in Salt Lake City

The event was very well run and organized.  Presenters were skilled in their areas. 

Gary attended a workshop on retention of referees.  This is a problem across the country, National Referees association didnt seem to be interested in helping.

Gary attended a session on preparation for college. The actual number of scholarships available is low.  A Division I school will have total of 12 women and 9.9 for men.  Thats for the whole team, not per year.  Div II, 9.9 w, 9 m.  Div III have none.  NAIA have 12 mens and womens.  They are usually carrying 20 or more on their roster.  Many players are not getting scholarships freshman year.

Gary attended a session on player burnout. 70=75 % quit by age 13.  (As an example of this, Gary noted that VSA has 54 u-5 teams, but only 8 U-12 teams.)  The Director of Coaching from Massachusettes conducted this session.  He will be sending Gary some information on a program that is attempting to create Ambassadors of Soccer to tap into the potential of soccer parents who are members of state & local boards, legal groups, etc. to create network of soccer advocacy in government.


ODSL Elections

The last election was for President, Registrar, and Boys Commissioner.  This year we will elect Vice President, Girls Commissioner, and Secretary.  At the April meeting Gary will assemble a nominating committee.


Accounting firm

Gary contacted an accounting firm w/ experience with non-profit organizations.


Interleague play

Of the ODSL teams that respondced

5 12 Girls, 1 12 Boys

5 13 Girls, 6 13 Boys

0 14 Girls

Chesterfield has one team in each age group and Blue Ridge one in each except 12 girls.

It looks like we will not be able to do U-12 because there is only one other U-12 girls team looking to participate.

U-13 probably will work and U-14s may possibly have enough to play.


Dave asked Gary to send him names of teams who are anticipating participating so he can keep schedule free for those dates.


Old Business


Paying Officials in Cash before Each Game

Gary discussed this at the referee retention workshop, and it seems to be common in other states.  We need to see what reaction will come back from club reps.

Gary recommendations: Square up our pay scale to rounded numbers to make it easier for teams to pay them.  Experiment with the older teams first.

Note: If teams normally get full coverage, theyll end up paying more.  Currently, teams only pay ODSL for 85% coverage on games.


Fees for Fall, 2005

This is an item to discuss at the April Meeting

Gary believes it doesnt look like we should expect a drastic change in fees for the Fall.


Items for Spring meeting

  1. Same format (7:00 new teams, 8:00 for regular)
  2. No vendors besides DC United get on the agenda
  3. We need volunteers for tables to hand out packets


Additional items

FIFA approved head gear to prevent head injuries to players.  The products manufacturer claims they significantly reduce chance of head injury.


New Business

The web site needs to be updated to reflect the current procedure for reducing penalty points for sportsmanship award.  The web site is currently not in agreement with the league rule.


A motion was made to adjourn at 9:11.  The motion was seconded and approved.