BOD Minutes June 2006

ODSL June Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, June 08, 2006



Gary Brindle President
Wayne Vice President (phone)
Randy Martin Boys Commissioner
Bob Grey Girls Commissioner
Debbie Cervantes Treasurer
Lisa Wilson - Registrar
Paul OConnell Secretary

Minutes from the May meeting were read.  A motion was made to accept the minutes.  The motion was seconded and approved.


The online registration system will be updated and available in June.

Player passes and roster envelopes will be available at the annual general meeting (AGM) for clubs that need them.

An email has gone out to all current teams to let them know when they have to be dropped off.

No Maryland clubs have contacted ODSL about membership.

Gary asked if VYSA had made any announcements about reducing the player fees.  Lisa said she expects the fees to remain at $12.50 per player.

Girls commissioner

Some teams have expressed displeasure with the timeliness of posting game scores on Sunday. 

Boys Commissioner

Scores for several U9 games havent been reported.  Even though these scores are not posted on the web site, they may be required if the league decided to seed U10 teams for the fall season.


The treasurers report was distributed to the board.  There were no questions about the report.

The preliminary budget was presented to the board.  The preliminary budget was based on 300 teams.  Dave and Debbie will take the board comments into consideration before making another pass at the budget.  The budget will be presented at the AGM.


A couple of games remain that have not been rescheduled or which have been played but we have not received scores.

A email to all teams will go out that will include information about applying online, deadlines and dates for the fall season, new fee structure, the AGM, trophy distribution, and scheduling conflicts and requests for the fall.

An update email will be sent to all club reps with an agenda for the AGM.

Dave will coordinate with AGCs re trophy distribution.

There were 5671 paid players in ODSL for the 2005/2006 season.

Vice President

Nothing to discuss.


No one has volunteered to chair the nomination committee for elections.  Since Gary will not be running, he will chair the nomination committee.

We still have not received any response from MSYSA or the Maryland club that was interested in joining ODSL.

The VYSA annual general meeting will be on June 17th.  Gary and Paul will attend.  Two bylaw amendments have been proposed to change the way travel representatives are elected to the VYSA board.  If either amendments passes, ODSL will have the ability to nominate a travel representative.  VYSA distributed a proposed budget for 2006/2007.

New Business

Debbie spoke with a representative of the Positive Coaching Alliance.  PCA agreed that their programs are better implemented at the club level than the league level.  However, PCA would still like to form some kind of partnership with ODSL.  This would allow ODSL to promote PCA without mandating it.  Gary suggested that this be brought up to the State as part of their coaching education initiatives.  A recommendation was made that a PCA representative come to an ODSL board meeting.  A recommendation was made to offer PCA a chance to set up a table at the pre-season coaches meeting on August 27th.

Fauquier County Soccer Club and Warrenton Soccer are working together with Fauquier County, hoping to reach an agreement to create a soccer complex.  Gary will contact these clubs regarding ODSLs program to assist with field development programs.

At the May meeting, the league voted to reschedule a game between STAF and SYA to SYA.  Based on addition information provided by STAF, the board voted to reinstate the game as a STAF home game.  SYA appealed but did not provide any new information.


A motion was made to adjourn at 9:15.  The motion was seconded and passed.



U14 Boys game MidCounty Raptors vs Braddock Road Raptors

During the 1st , penalty cick awarded to MidCty.  Ball struck the crossbar, second player to play the ball was also MidCty.  Original call was that the second player was offside.  Aft4er the game, the MidCty team coach asked the ref and the ref changed his ruling to say that the kicking team cannot play the ball until a member of the kicking team touched it.  Game ended in a tie.  MidCty is appealing due to misapplication of the law.

Dave will contact the referee

Gary contacted BRYC They are OK with the outcome.