BOD Minutes June 2005

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2005


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Secretary Paul OConnell


Board Members Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin


Meeting Called to Order at 8:25 pm


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from the May, 2005 meeting were read.  The following correction was made: ODSL is considering changes to the web site to allow teams to post tryout information directly.


Minutes were approved with this change.




Treasurer (absent)

Debbie is working on budget; copies ready for the general meeting.  As noted in prior minutes, the budget will be based on 360 teams.


Vice President




Registration is up and going.  50 some teams have already applied online.


The new  program for teams to view all the contact information for the league, one division at a time, is up and running.  They can utilize this and we can reduce our printing costs.  The travel manual we are going to use in the future will also be online.


LOUD requested ODSL consider a means for getting OK for additional teams in an age group in June, prior to the AGM.  The issue is that clubs conduct tryouts before the AGM.   A club cannot determine if they can accommodate players with an additional team if it must wait for the AGM to request and receive a waiver.


LOUD requested a waiver for a fourth U-9 girls team for the Fall, 2005 season.  The board considered the following:

  • No problem with field availability in the past
  • LOUD / LYSA are now supporting over 6,000 players
  • LOUD has committed to keeping 2 teams in ODSL

A motion was made to grant LOUD 4 teams in U-9 girls for the Fall 2005 season.  The motion passed


McLean request a waiver for U-9 boys, U-9 girls, U-13 boys waivers for 3 teams in each

  • No problem with field load
  • No referee problem
  • Motion to grant made and approved




Lisa expressed some concern with the new registration system that is replacing RosterPro.  Training on the new system will be the morning of Sunday, June 26th.


Lisa will send out cards and a checklist (as much as it can based on understanding of the new system)


Boys commissioner (absent)



Girls Commissioner

Nothing to report





Old Business

For the Annual General Meeting, Tom will have a slate of candidates for officer elections.  Gary will check with the Hampton Inn to make sure everything is set.


Gary will attend the VYSA AGM on the 18th.  Gary plans to voice his concern with adopting Youth League registration system.  Gary also discussed some of the candidates for VYSA officers.  He is not aware of anyone being opposed I the elections, but nomination can come from the floor.


Occasionally new clubs make inquiries about joining ODSL.  Gary recommends that ODSL form a committee for new club applicants.  It was recommended that this committee be organized under the Membership committee.  Lisa Wilson is chair of the Membership committee.  Paul OConnell will assist her with new club evaluations.


At the May meeting, a vote was taken on DCSTs request to play games at the Maryland Soccerplex.  Gary will contact them about this ruling.  The Fields Committee has been asked to review the status of their current fields.


New Business

ODSL received reports of unsporting behavior of the SWYA Revolution (U15B) and their coach.   Gary will contact the club to confirm this.


ODSL received reports of unsporting behavior of the HYS Extreme B (U15B).  HYS has indicated informally that they intend to suspend the coaches and take some action against the team.  Gary will contact the club to confirm this.


ODSL received reports of unsporting behavior of the VISTA Chealsea (U-11B).  Gary will contact the club to discuss actions to be taken.


Match Forfeit Vote: HYS U-13 boys vs. SSA.  The game before this was ended early because of the actions of the HYS Extreme B.  The same coaches and referees were scheduled for the next game.  The referees refused to play that game.  SSA requested that, since they had already traveled to Herndon for the game and were not able to play because of the actions of the Herndon coach, that the replay be scheduled at SSAs home field.  ODSL agreed and the replay was scheduled for SSAs home field.  The HYS team did not play the replay because the coaches were not able to travel to that field.  A motion was made to declare a forfeit in favor of SSA.  The motion passed.


The LOUD Phoenix forfeited 3 games this season.  ODSL understands that the Phoenix will move to WAGS in the Fall.  Gary will contact WAGS to let them know about this. 


A request was made to translate the league Codes of Conduct into Spanish so that it can be made available to Spanish speaking players, coaches, and parents. These versions of the Codes will be posted on the ODSL web site.



A motion was made to adjourn at 10:00.  The motion was seconded and approved