BOD Minutes Jan 2005

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2005

1/20/2005 7:25:56 PM


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin


Board Members Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert


Member Clubs in Attendance:



Member Clubs in Absent:



Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 pm


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from October 2004 meeting were read.  The minutes were approved without correction.

Minutes from November 2004 meeting were read.  The minutes were approved without correction.





The Treasurer distributed November and December expenses and the current budget.


ODSL is still waiting for $1,200 from several teams who participated in the Inter-league play but have not reimbursed ODSL for fees.  Gary contacted the Inter-league host to find out if there will be any refund for games not played because of rain.  The host has to confirm if referees were already paid before any fees can be refunded.  Teams that have not reimbursed ODSL for Inter-league fees will not be approved for spring play.  Gary contacted these teams by email.  Gary will contact the teams clubs to let them know about the outstanding balances.


ODSL is trying to collect approximately $800 from several teams for NSF checks and checks drawn on closed accounts.  The teams involved are all active teams.  Teams will not be approved for spring play if they owe money to ODSL.


A member asked why the budget reflected adjustments from the original budget.  The Debbie explained that the original budget was based on an estimate of 340 teams, but 380 teams are currently forecast.  The budget is for the year, not season, so the difference in forecast teams has a significant impact on forecasted revenues and sales.  The member was referred to earlier board meeting minutes for additional information about the budget.


A member asked what the line item Registration Fees Overpay represented.  Debbie and Dave explained that when teams register and then withdraw after the deadline they forfeit $75 of the registration fee.  When teams withdraw after scheduling has begun, teams forfeit the entire registration fee.  These forfeited fees are added to the Good of Soccer resources.


Vice President

Nothing from Conduct



200 teams have already applied for the spring season.  Of these, about 12% is new.  This ratio typically holds steady.  Dave estimated a 10% increase (net of spring sit-outs) in teams to 380, though 400 is possible.


Dave asked that the league decide soon if it will participate in inter-league play again so there is time to account for those games in scheduling.  Scheduling around the games in the fall caused some game juggling.  Gary suggested that the board members could discuss this with representatives of the other leagues at the VYSA workshop on February 5th.


Bonuses were paid to 12 referees for the fall season.  In order to qualify for a bonus, a referee needs three recommendations from three different teams.  150 bonus cards were turned in by teams last season.  That number is about average.


Dave asked that the league select a date for the pre-season meeting.  A recommendation was made to have the meeting on the Monday after Easter.  A brief discussion of alternatives ensued, and the Monday after Easter was selected.  Dave will post the schedule on the league web site.


Dave announced that he will assemble packages of game cards, referee bonus cards, and sportsmanship ballots to be distributed at the pre-season meeting with the registration packets.


Dave explained that since most schools are off the week prior to Easter, ODSL will not honor bye request for the first weekend of play, April 2nd and 3rd.  Some teams may receive byes on one of those days if their division has an odd number of teams.


Dave requested that the league consider alternative methods to compensate referees, including exploring paying them at matches.  His recommendation is based on his desire to help ODSL continue to successfully compete for the limited pool of referees in the area.  Gary agreed to add this to New Business for this meeting.



Fredericks Area Soccer Association has applied for admission to ODSL.  This club already has three teams competing in ODSL under the Spotsylvania Soccer Association.  If accepted, they would bring 6 girls teams to ODSL, the three already competing under SSA and three new teams.


Gary commented on the FASA application.  FASA is an established club that falls geographically between ODSL and RMYSL.  Most FASA teams play in RMYSL.  FASA will share an assigner with SSA.  They have officials and will share a field complex in Fredericksburg with SSA.  The club falls within ODSLs boundaries.  FASA teams often compete in tournaments in Northern Virginia and always been well behaved. 


A representative from SSA stated that SSA and FASA teams already compete for field space, so admitting FASA will not affect the field situation for either club. 


A motion was made to accept FASA into ODSL.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Dave will assign the club the code FASA.  Lisa said with the addition of only three new teams, FASA will remain with the same registrar as SSA.


As the club will bring three U-11 teams into the league, FASA will need a waiver from the league rule of two teams per age group.  This will be handled along with other waiver requests.


Lisa had manuals for new teams with her at this meeting.  She informed everyone that these would be the last hard copy manuals for teams.  From this point forward, all manuals will be available on the club web site as PDFs.  This change is to reduce the leagues printing and postage expenses.  Lisa also had blank player passes and envelopes.


Dave asked Lisa to explain the requirements when teams move from one club to another.  Lisa explained that the old club needs to send a letter to the league releasing the team from the club.  This letter should come from the club president to the league president.  Lisa pointed out that detailed instructions for teams changing LEAGUES are available on the ODSL web site.


Girls Commissioner

The season ended nicely.  Bob has started receiving requests for division placement.  Its a bit early to consider division placements.  Once the registration deadline gets closer, the competition committee will begin placing teams in divisions.


Boys commission

Randy echoed Bobs comments about how well the season ended. 



Gary discussed requirements for spring sit outs.  It is IMPORTANT for club representatives to inform teams that plan to sit out the spring season to contact ODSL.  If a team properly informs the league that they are sitting out the spring season, the team will be allowed to play in tournaments.  A member asked if there is a fee associated with sit outs.  Gary answered that there is no fee.


If a team is going to sit out the season, they should send a letter to Gary to let him know.  The team will be placed on sit out status and will be eligible to play in tournaments.  This will also ensure that the team will be covered by insurance.


If a team is folding, all player cards and the official roster should be returned to the registrar.


Dave will add sit out information to the ODSL web site. 


Gary reported that teams from Maryland regularly contact him about playing in ODSL.  He reminded the league that the membership twice voted not to extend membership to Maryland teams.  If a team from Maryland agreed to play all games away, they would be adding to the field load and referee requirements without bringing any fields or refs to the league.


New Business


Waiver Requests


FASA Hotspurs request a waiver for 3 U11 girls teams.  Dave reported that the referee assigner who would be responsible for these games had 90% coverage of games last season.  Gary asked about the field load, and Dave said it would be a good idea to look at their fields.  A motion was made to approve a waiver.  The motion was seconded and approved.


VISTA requests a waiver for three U12 boys teams.  Several teams from the Occoquan club are looking for a new home at VISTA.  These teams cant register for ODSL until they find a new club.   Dave asked if VISTA had enough referees and the VISTA representative said they could handle the extra load.  (Both TASC and GSC offered to try to fit teams looking for new clubs.  Everyone at the meeting appreciated these clubs stepping up to help teams in need.)  A motion was made to grant a waiver for VISTA.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Gary talked about the Field Development Loan program.  This program was established last fall.  ODSL will accept applications for loans in January and June of each year.  There were no applications for loans in January. 


The Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Awards balloting has completed.  In the past, 70% of teams voted for this award.  This season, approximately 60% of teams participated.  Teams must vote in order to be eligible for the award.  Some teams this season will NOT win the award simply because they did not vote.  A member asked if we could add voting to the web site to improve efficiency and participation.  Gary explained that voting via email has been accepted for a long time. 


Gary introduced a topic of discussion: Should ODSL collect player fees and registration fees at the same time?  The main issue was whether the league should collect $10.50 per player fee for the max roster size (12 for U-9 and U-10, 18 for older teams) rather than collecting for exactly the number on the roster.  The membership had several questions:


Question: Why?

Answer:  This is partly in response to the difficulty in reconciling payments made by teams and clubs to team rosters.  Additional players added to initial rosters generate many individual player checks with bring along their own check processing expenses and NSF check exposure.


Question: What does paying for the whole roster do for ODSL?

Answer: A team with 16 players on the roster would be able to process two player additions without having to send in additional checks.  The team would have to pay only if adds and drops resulted in their having more than 18 players throughout the year.


Question: Instead of everyone paying for a full roster, could ODSL have teams pay based on the average actual roster size?

Answer: This is a possible alternative, but teams who roster more than the average would probably have to pay for the higher number.  The board acknowledged the intent of the question and will consider the suggestion.


Question: How many extra players would this represent?

Answer: Dave estimated that this would be about 800 extra payments.


Question: What would happen to the extra funds?  Would it all be paid to VYSA?

Answer: ODSL would only pay VYSA for the number of players actually registered on ODSL teams.  When new players are added to ODSL rosters, ODSL would pay VYSA for those players.  ODSL would have to decide what to do with the remainder.  (Several suggestions, including adding it to Good of the Game funds, scholarship for disadvantaged players, etc.)


Question: Teams with 15 players and teams with 18 players will pay the same player fee.  Is that appropriate?

Answer: ODSL is the only one of the local travel leagues that currently process this fee based on the actual roster size. 


Question: When would this go into effect?

Answer: This would be implemented for the next registration period, Fall 2005.


Question: What are these fees for?

Answer: About $2 for insurance and the rest for VYSA, Region I, and National fees.


Question: What would the combined registration fee + player fee be?

Answer: This will vary based on age group:

  • U-9: 126 + 390
  • U10: 126 + 430
  • U11 and up: 189 + 550 = 739


A motion was made to combine registration fee and player fee.  The motion was seconded and approved.


A motion was made: The overage of player fees should be presented to the general membership meeting to determine how to distribute the moneys for soccer development.  The motion was seconded and passed.


National Conference in Salt Lake City

A motion was made to pay the hotel expenses of a representative to attend this meeting.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Gary stated that he had been considering attended as he was schedule to be in Salt Lake City on business around the time of the conference.  Gary does not expect that he will attend the conference.


Checking Player ID Cards

The GRFL asked that the league require referees to check player ID cards before each game.  The representative stated that referees are not consistently checking ID cards.  Gary pointed out that  ODSL procedures already state that both teams have the right to ask referees to check cards and roster.  This rule is listed on the game report cards given to the referee before every game.  The GRFL representative asked if there is a way ODSL can reinforce this.  Dave agreed to send this information to referee assigners.



A motion was made to adjourn at 9:48.  The motion was seconded and approved.