BOD Minutes for Nov 2005

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2005


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President Wayne Gardella 

Administrator Dave Milne

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin

Secretary Paul OConnell

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Registrar Lisa Wilson


Board Members Absent:


Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 pm

The board determined that the teams in attendance represented a quorum.


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from the October meeting were read.  Other than some embarrassing spelling errors, no changes were made.  Minutes were approved.





Treasurer report distributed.


In response to a request from a member of the board about what costs are in what category, Debbie created and distributed a map of expenses to categories.


Gary requested that the statements reflect the debt due from ASC.



ODSL had 5190 players for the Fall 2005 season.  We will be sending VYSA a check for the additional 190 (already paid for 5000).  Dave cannot provide a breakdown of boys vs. girls because the new registration system does not yet provide that kind of report.  Dave noted that this is the actual players from actual rosters, a figure that was harder to arrive at using the old registration system.  Lisa commented that the new system does do a good job as a single data source.


Rescheduling of rained out games went pretty well, but the Board needs to consider a couple issues. 


U16 Boys Game

Team A was scheduled to play Team B at Team Bs home fields on rainy weekend.  The fields were closed.  Team B didnt contact Team As coach.  Team B contacted the ref assigner and Team As club rep.  Team As Club rep didnt have Team As contact information.  Team B didnt contact the age group coordinator.  Dave noted that Team B did not attend pre-season meeting where the procedures for rainouts and how to find contact information were reviewed in detail.  The Board noted that without the contact information, Team B could not have made the Wednesday contacts.  ODSL offered to reschedule this as a Team A home game, but couldnt find a field time that both teams could make.  Dave added that while Team A waited for Team B to arrive at the original game, another game was played at that field. 


Motion was made to award forfeit in favor of Team A.

Discussion: The Board discussed the facts that indicated Team B did not follow procedures. 

Motion passes.  Forfeit in favor of Team A.


U16 Boys Game:

Team A showed up to play the Team B at Team Bs field.  The Board noted that, due to an incident at an earlier Team B game (not involving Team A), Team Bs clubs referee assigner refused to assign referees to any more of Team Bs games.  As an alternative, the referee assigner agreed to send a referee from the Fairfax adult Hispanic league.  Team Bs next home match was against Team A.  The referee assigner sent a referee from the adult league.  In that game, the referee showed a red card to a Team A player, but no other incidents were reported on the referees report.  The following week, Team A again traveled to Team Bs home field for a game.  The same referee was assigned.  No ARs were present.  Team A decided not to play under those circumstances (no ARs) or with that referee, alleging bias.  The referee decided at that point that he did not want to officiate a game after being accused of bias by one of the coaches.  Team A asked the referee to see his card.  He had is 2004 card, but not his 2005 card.  Team A wants the game rescheduled.  The Board confirmed that the referee is current with is certifications.


Motion to award a forfeit in favor of Team B.

Discussion: The Board determined that a certified referee was at the field.

Motion passes.  Forfeit in favor of Team B.



A West Virginia based club has requested admission to ODSL. This will be put on the agenda for the January meeting.


ODSL has reimbursed a club for passports ruined during the registration process.  Gary asked to confirm that state didnt also pay this.


WAGS has provided ODSL with a list of teams going entering off their wait list and those falling out.  This is very useful to ODSL when planning for the next season.  The Board appreciates this cooperation between leagues.


VYSA sent an email to all leagues alerting them that the new database should now support transfers (league to league or club to club) so rules and instructions for transfers will be posted. 


A registrars meeting will be held at the VYSA Convention.


Vice President


No incidents are currently before the conduct committee.



Boys commissioner


U15 Game

Team A sent an email to Team B telling them that they would not make it to their game.  The Board approved a forfeit win to Team B.  This was Team As second forfeit this season.


U13 Game

This game was not played and will remain not played.  There will be no impact on the standings and both teams have agreed not to play.


The commissioner requests that the U16 and U18 AGCs will contact their teams to determine how many will play in the Spring 2006 season.  Due to the number of teams that sit out the Spring season to play for high school teams, U16 and above teams may have to be consolidated into a single age group.  The Board noted that the WVA which will apply for membership in ODSL will have teams in the older boys age groups.



Girls Commissioner

Team A is scheduled for a game on the same day they are scheduled to play in a tournament.  Team B has requested a forfeit.  Team B has refused to reschedule the game on any other day.  The Board determined that there will be no impact on the standings regardless of the outcome of this game.  The Board decided that no forfeit will be granted and the game will remain not played.


Some AGCs were very slow this season reporting scores this season.  Some didnt report scores until Tuesday or later. 




Gary requested Dave to send another reminder to teams regarding Sportsmanship award voting.  The voting deadline is December 10th.  Teams should also be reminded to vote for three teams. Ballots with fewer than three team will be considered invalid. 


Gary suggested the Board consider rotating meetings to other locations to ease the travel burden on members.


January will be an open meeting, probably at the Hampton Inn.


The VYSA Workshop is the 4th and 5th of February.  If Board members want to spend the night, they need to make reservations in December.  Lisa made a motion to pay for the registrars hotel rooms.  State pays for registration.  Gary made a motion to pay the registration fee for any club rep who wants to go.  ODSL has made this offer in the past, but no one has taken advantage of it.  The motion made, seconded, passed.


The Board discussed options for reducing the incidents of lopsided scores.  This topic will be added to the agenda for the January meeting.


Team sizes for next season (Fall 06/Spring 07) will be added to the agenda for the January meeting.


A motion was made to adjourn at 9:14.  The motion was seconded and approved.