BOD Minutes Feb 2006

ODSL Meeting

February 16, 2006



Gary Brindle President

Wayne Gardella Vice President (via conf call)

Debbie Cervantes - Treasurer

Bob Gray Girls Commissioner

Lisa Wilson - Registrar

Dave Milne - Administrator

Paul OConnell - Secretary



Randy Martin Boys Commissioner



Correction to January minutes: Motion made to reduce the size of the field, a reduction to the 8v8 size will be done in the fall of 2006.


Treasures Report

Debbie had nothing to report.  January is a quiet time for finances.


Gary asked a question about the status of the loan to ASC.  The former president of ASC told the current president of ASC that ASC had made a loan payment to ODSL.  ODSL does not show this payment in the financial statements.  ASC has been asked to provide a cancelled check supporting the payment.



A team put in a request for a provisional roster.  This team wanted to combine two teams so the remaining members of both teams will be able to continue playing.  ODSL granted this request via an email vote of board members.


ODSL received a request from a LOUD team seeking a waiver of the 5 transfer rule in order to accommodate a player that would otherwise not have a place to play.  A motion was made and accepted to grant a provisional roster.  (Lisa explained that a provisional roster will be valid for ODSL but not for State Cup or tournament play.)


Kathy Theisens last day as a registrar will be February 26th.  Lisa is going to contact the other local leagues for recommendations for registrars.



Dave reported that 351 teams are expected to play in the spring season.  This does not include 6 teams that applied and are now paying the withdrawal fee.  All of these are boys teams.  Only 27 of the teams are new.  This is lower than average for a spring season.


The new procedure of getting checks from clubs rather than individual team checks appears to be working very well.  We are still waiting for checks from 9 clubs: 

  • ABGC
  • Culpeper
  • LFC  Goosing
  • LMVS
  • LMV
  • TASC
  • SYC


Boys division structures have been loaded.  U-9 has 11 teams in one division.  As this age group does not keep standings or scores, we decided that it was acceptable for some teams in the division not to play each other rather than break the age group in two and have teams play each other more than once.


Four teams in the Boys High School division have confirmed that they are going to play.  Gary offered to contact some other leagues to see if we can add some games against other teams.  Lisa agreed to send Gary the appropriate contact information.


At the last ODSL meeting, a new referee pay scale was set.  The scale is as follows:

  • $35 for 9-10 25 min halves
  • $35 for 11s 30 min halves
  • $35 for 12s 35 min halves
  • $40 for 13-15s 35 min halves
  • $45 for 16+ 40 min halves

Dave recommends increasing the U12-14 to $40, the 15-17 to $45 to reflect the longer games in those age groups.  Gary supported the change and suggested that ODSL absorb the fee.  A motion was made and seconded.  The motion passed.


Dave recommended we consider a fee change to account for the increase in referee pay.  For several seasons ODSL has been absorbing increasing expenses without increasing team fees.  Last season, we had to dip into cash reserves to fund these expenses.  Gary suggested that we add this to the agenda for the April meeting.  Gary also said we would have to address changes for smaller U-11 teams.  Lisa agreed to gather the fee amounts from WAGS and NCSL for comparison. 


The pre-season meeting will be on March 26th at Osborn High School on Euclid Drive near Sports Network from 5:30 to 9:30.


Last season ODSL did not produce a directory.  Dave will print a full directory for the board.  At the pre-season meeting, we will remind everyone that data on the website is NOT to be used for anything other than league business.  No one should solicit members based on information on the web site.



Girls Commissioner

No business to report.  Division structures will be posted this weekend.


Boys Commissioner

Randy delivered the first draft of the boys division structures to Dave.



At the VYSA meeting, a committee was formed to consider a change in VYSA voting proposed by Gary.


At the VYSA meeting, ODSL submitted a request for a waiver for rules changes to prevent blow-out scores.  VYSA suggested we request the dominating team to take a player off the field.


UK Elite Soccer has requested to advertise on the ODSL web site.  Dave pointed out that our agreement with Demosphere requires all ads to go through them.  UK Elite has sent information that the board will review.



The Fields Committee needs to determine what ODSL will recommend for the sizes of field and goals for the small sized U-11 games.  Bob mentioned that the other league rules appear to be a good place to start.  Recommendations will be made at April for the fall season


ODSL agreed at the last meeting to accept Maryland clubs into ODSL.  ODSL may be required to become a member of MSYSA in order to accept Maryland clubs.  So far, all inquiries have been from U9 and U10 teams.  Bob pointed out that a DC club wants to play games at the Maryland Soccerplex and ODSL rejected the request.  Gary commented that we have over utilized fields in Virginia and the Soccerplex has an underutilization issue.  This may warrant additional consideration.



Bob asked that, although we dont post standings for U-9 teams, can we post wins and losses.  Gary asked if we should not post the standings, but use them for seeding. No agreement could be reached on what data should be posted at this age level.  Gary recommended that we bring this up at the April meeting.


A long discussion of Positive Coaching Alliance took place.  PCA is dedicated to promoting two goal coaching: Winning and Teach Life Experiences.  PCA would like to conduct training sessions for ODSL.  Sessions cost $1,950 plus $5 per person.  Much of the conversation focused around how the other leagues are using PCA, often in a punitive way, requiring coaches who appear before the R&D committee to attend sessions.  ODSL will investigate the services PCA has to offer.  Gary recommended that we invite PCA to the April meeting.


Motion to adjourn at 9:03 was made.  The motion was seconded and passed.