BOD Minutes Aug 2004

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2004


Brought to Order 8:00 pm/Adjourned 9:00 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin

Administrator Dave Milne


Members in Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from July 2004 meeting were read and approved





  • The CYA Swift, U-13 Girls, check is outstanding. Debbie will send an email to the team representative.
  • Debbie is still waiting for follow up from the prospective accounting firm
  • A motion was offered to approve the $8,000 loan to Ashburn Soccer Club.  The motion was seconded and all were in favor.  Funds will be taken out of the Holding Account and approved under the terms and conditions as discussed in the June BoD meeting.



  • Over 1,500 games have been scheduled.
    • Dave is currently working on coachs conflicts.
    • Approximately 40 scheduling requests made to avoid scheduling conflicts, and most have been resolved. 
    • More games have been scheduled earlier in the day than past seasons. The time change this year takes place on October 30, 2004.
    • The last couple of weekend games will be scheduled to earlier start times.
  • 387 paid teams ( 12 refunds were made to teams that withdrew from ODSL)
  • ODSL league update email from Dave will go out on Aug. 13th.
  • Schedules will be posted on the website the morning of Aug. 29th so that team reps will have prior to ODSL meeting. Team Reps are still required to attend the ODSL meeting. If no team representative signs-in, then the team will not be allowed to play in the Fall.
  • Sept. 18th is ODSL night at DC United game.
  • Sportsmanship Awards will be posted on 8/13
  • Four teams have not picked up their Spring trophies
  • 27 ticket packages for DC United games are available. 26 of the 27 have been claimed by repeat winners of the Sportsmanship Awards.

Boys Commissioner                       

  • The open Boys Commissioner position was discussed. A recommendation was made to nominate Randy Martin, the motion was second and all members were in favor.



  • Inter league play starts Oct. 16th.
    • There are 15 teams participating and representing ODSL.
    • U12-14 will play on 10/16 & 10/30. U15 and older will play 10/17 & 10/31. U16 play on 10/17 & 10/24.
  • A recommendation was made to change the operating procedure of ODSL, page 12, paragraph C to read both teams shall contact/report game scores to AGC.


New Business

  • Agenda for Fall Meeting was reviewed
    • Gordon Miller, Director of Coaching will be invited to discuss coaching education opportunities.
    • Door prizes will be given out to team reps at the Fall meeting
    • Volunteers needed to distribute binders, etc at Fall meeting. Bob and Randy to coordinator.
    • Wednesday night calls by home team will be stressed at meeting.
    • Both teams will be required to email scores to AGC.


Motion to adjourn was made at 9:00.  Motion passed.