BOD Meeting Minutes Sept 2005

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2005


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell

Administrator Dave Milne


Board Members Absent:

Vice President Wayne Gardella

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin



Meeting Called to Order at 7:35 pm


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

As there was no quorum at the last meeting there were no minutes for August meeting.  The prior meeting was the Annual General Meeting in July.




The treasurer distributed financial statements to the board, including August expenses and current budget vs. actual analysis.  The treasurer noted that current registration fees are all sitting in income until we can figure out how much is going to VYSA for player fees.  This will be based on the online registration systems reports.


The president recommended making a donation to Louisiana State Soccer Association.  The administrator noted that some VSA teams are interested in sending old uniforms, but first they want to check for the need.  The president will look for more information and bring it up for a vote at the October meeting.


Vice President

No report.



The administrator lamented that people are coming out now and trying to de-conflict games after the schedules have been posted.  ODSL policy is that all affected teams have to be consulted before games are changed.  This makes de-conflicting games after schedules have been posted very difficult.


If we dont get rain soon, its going to effect fields.  Some fields are already being closed due to dry conditions.


The administrator will remit player fees to VYSA.  When this is complete, proof of insurance will be available for clubs.


The trophies for next season are big, perhaps too big to fit the storage area.  We may have to get additional storage space for a month to store them.


ODSL owes DC United $2800 for additional ticket packages for repeat sportsmanship award winners.


Registration is going well.  The new online system had some quirks, but its going well.  Some people are commenting that it is easier to use than the old system.  There are some weaknesses in the current available reports.  The system can tell us how many players ODSL has, but we cant tell how many boys vs. girls.  This breakdown is required for reporting to VYSA and is supposed to be available in reports when they come online.


Discussion: Because there is no longer a state registrar, at a prior VYSA meeting the state decided that leagues would determine what age teams will register as.   Until that team started to play, they could change their age group and move up.  This particularly applies to the high school division.  If the team has applied for State Cup, once they applied they can not change their age group.  The president stated that our position is that ODSL makes decisions about what age groups teams are registered in.

Boys commissioner

Has all AGCs online and ready to go. 


One U-16 team that had dropped out of ODSL changed their minds and decided to play.  The U-16 schedule, which had been changed to reflect the dropped team, was returned to the original schedule.

Girls Commissioner

No report.



Old Business

Several actions were taken by the board since last meeting:

  • Approved waiver for Front Royal team didnt meet 40% rule.  According to ODSL rules, 40% of a teams roster must be in the age group in which they will participate.
  • Approved a player transfer after the deadline for U-10 player.  Both coaches supported the transfer to accommodate the player and her family.
  • The Fall Coaches meeting was held Aug 27th


New Business


The next meeting is October 13th.  This is the quarterly meeting with club representatives at the Hampton Inn in Manassas.  A message needs to go out to all clubs with information about topics for the October 13th meeting.  Topics will include, but not be limited to:

  • A vote will be held on changing ODSL policy regarding the payment of fees.  ODSL is considering having teams pay their clubs and having clubs pay the league with a single check for all teams. 
  • A recommendation that ODSL teams pay referees in cash before each game is still on the table.
  • A vote on team sizes (small sided games) will be done at the January meeting, not the October 13th meeting.


The Hampton Inn is booked for the 13th. 


As several ODSL Board members live in Loudoun County, the board should consider moving the November board meeting to a Loudoun location.



A motion was made to adjourn at 8:30.  The motion was seconded and approved.