BOD Meeting Minutes, July 2007

Meeting was held in Leesburg, 19 July 2007.  Opened at 7:35pm.

Members Present:  Wayne Gardella, Vice President; Karen Klumpp, Secretary; Paul O’Connell, Treasurer; Lisa Wilson, Registrar; Gary Brindle, Past President; Dave Milne, Administrator; Bob Gray, Girls Commissioner; Debbie Cervantes, Outgoing Treasurer

Prior Meeting was the AGM.  Those minutes will be approved at the next AGM.

Treasurer Report:  Treasurer will enter and deposit the checks this weekend.  He will then have a more complete financial statement to make available.  There are 3 clubs that have not yet paid.  The Administrator has contacted them.  A total of 337 teams have paid, 7 teams withdrew after that time.

Boys Commissioner:  Boys divisions are in the order recommended by the Competition committee; need to continue to work on U18B.  Suggestion made by Vice President to split the U18B teams so that they can play small-sided games.  Discussion continued – They would register as one team, so they can continue to play in tournaments.

Girls Commissioner:  Will be working on division structures directly following the conclusion of the meeting.

Registrar:  Everything is going well.  A training session was held on Saturday, 7/14/2007, covering policies and procedures for rostering a team.  There was standing room only at the session.  She received several positive emails back from attendees.

There is a new club, Monticello, and the registrar for that club will be Linda Kemppainen. Another registrar is leaving, and two new registrars will be starting. 

Player Development:  There are currently no proposals from any of the training entities that were solicited.

Administrator:  There were 70 new teams registered for the Fall, which is up 18% from Spring 2007.  The U11 through U14 age groups show the most growth.  Ten teams from WAGS came to the U13 age group.

A team that registered from REST will dissolve.  All other teams that reserved a spot and did not use it did not get their money back.  Thus, it was agreed that ODSL will refund the VYSA portion of the fee and the remaining funds will go into the Youth Soccer fund.

A couple of divisions currently have 10 teams in the division.  Board approved a waiver for any division with 10 teams to play 9 games.

Old Business:  VYSA is increasing the travel fee in 2008 by 50 cents per player.

New Business:  Goodbye to Debbie!  Thank you for all the work and time spent as treasurer!

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.