BOD Meeting Minutes Jan 2007

ODSL Meeting with Club Representatives
January 28th, 2007




Clubs in attendance



Clubs absent



The clubs in attendance represented 76% of the leagues teams.  Therefore, it was determined that a quorum existed.

Board Members Present


Randy Martin – President
Wayne Gardella – Vice President
Greg Waltrip – Boys Commissioner
Bob Gray – Girls Commissioner
Lisa Wilson – Registrar
Dave Milne – Administrator
Gary Brindle – Past Pres.
Paul O’Connell – Secretary / VYSA Representative

Board Members Absent


Debbie Cervantes - Treasurer



The budget has been updated with a $3,000 increase for administrative fees.  At last board meeting, recommendation to increase admin fees by $5 per team.  This is the only change to the previously approved budget.

There were no comments about the adjusted budget.



Player passes and envelopes were available on the back table.  New teams coming from other leagues need to email Lisa Wilson their WAGS and NCSL numbers along with new number from ODSL. 

Dave Milne announced that to date 185 teams have applied for the spring season.  Of that, there were 26 teams that did not play in the fall.  11 are brand new and 16 are coming back from WAGS or NCSL. Anticipate 280 to 300 teams



If there are division placement requests , send them to Greg so they can be addressed.



Nothing to report.



At the spring team meeting the board will be poll teams for what type of assistance teams want for player development to come from the league.  Also will be meeting with folks from several training companies to learn what they can offer the league.



The VYSA Convention is coming up February 9th and 10th.  Everyone involved in youth soccer is encouraged to attend.

2007 marks the 30th anniversary of VYSA.  Any suggestions for how the state can recognize this milestone should be shared with Paul O’Connell or any member of the state board.



Nothing to report.




ODSL made $400 donation per club for clubs with active Top  Soccer programs.  In addition to this, ODSL wants to support Top Soccer by putting together a Top Soccer Jamboree.  We are trying to get DC United involved.  We hope to put this together for early summer or prior to the fall season.  Anyone with thoughts about this or interest in participating, please let us know.


VYSA Meeting is coming up at the VYSA Convention.  4 or 5 representatives of ODSL will be at the meeting.




Dave Milne presented a demonstration of the new Club Rep features in the Demosphere programs.


All web site PINs will be new.  When accessing the site, new officials can be added and PINs can be requested.  Check both “Assign Club Rights” and “Email PIN” to have the new PIN emailed to the official.  Dave will check on the “From” on the emails.  It is important that SPAM folders don’t keep users from getting their new PINs.


Team Pages: Team pages will be set up automatically.  Teams, at their option, can set up information for all their players.  IF they do so, then player can set up their own individual pages.  The Club Reps and Board members expressed some concern about player information being on the league web site.  Dave will send an email with additional information and will investigate the ability to turn this off.


Question: Will Dave put out a list of the minimum required information on the site?  Dave: Yes, I will create a list.


Question: Will we able to click from our schedule to the team pages for the other team? Dave: Yes.  If not from the team name, but at least the field will be linked to directions.


Common Mistakes on Application


·         Don’t include club name in the team name.  It will be duplicated.


·         Same coach as another ODSL Team?  Change to “Y” and enter details in comments.  If the coach is coaching another team in a different league, leave as “N” but still enter data in the comments box.  If possible, Dave will consider this information during scheduling.


·         Request Sunday off, Dave will generally give them the whole weekend off.


·         Club Field Permits: In the past, club reps were just filling out a form that ODSL used to create the permit.  We are trying to eliminate the extra step by allowing the club rep to create the permit directly.


·         Question: What if you need to remove a field complex from the master list?  Dave: Call me.


·         Don’t forget to hit the “SAVE” button when you make changes


Score posting


Now teams will be able to enter scores directly.  Whichever team posts first, the score will show up on the site.  If there is a discrepancy, the other team will notify the commissioner and the score will be taken down until this can be cleared up. 




Question: Will the leagues ever get on the same system?  Dave: Not likely.  WAGS and NCSL currently combine their scheduling effort.  Demosphere’s new product does not support this.


Question: Will club reps get a first draft of the schedule? Dave: Yes.  Link will be added to the club rep page to get first look at schedule before it’s final.


U-12 Small Sided


Randy: WAGS and NCSL have voted in small sided at U-12.  Stqte Cup will be 8 v8 at U-12.


A motion made to change U-12’s to 8 v 8 in fall of 07. The motion was seconded and discussion followed.

Gary: From the referee’s perspective, lots of the U-11s can already punt the ball back to one another.  Purpose as described in small sided soccer, but what I’ve seen in the Suburban Friendship League is that more kids are sitting on the sidelines and not playing at all.  That means 0 touches.  State continues to push this, but it creates admin problems.  Question: Is there a field size increase for the U-12 ‘s?  Dave: This is an example of an unfunded mandate.  Taking that into consideration, we need to set the sizes so that the U10 at the max would satisfy the U12 at the minimum.  (Comment was that NCSL selected two sizes w/ max for the small being the same as min for the medium.  50 to 75 long for 9’s and 10’s, 75 – 95 long for 11’s and 12’s)  Randy: Goal sizes will be 6 x 18.  As you recall, we made a change to the ODSL goal size, min 6 x 18 and max 7 x 21.  We also extended max size for 11’s.  Randy – We have asked the state what the state cup goal size would be. 


Another question regarding referee: At u12, is one referee the correct staffing?  Dave: Absolutely not.  Greg: We may still want to offer 11 v 11 as an advantage.  Lisa: Any state cup teams at U12 would have a max roster size that wouldn’t support 11 v 11.


Comment: this will increase the number of teams and games, therefore increasing the stress on the teams and referees.


Comment: If we are going to add more teams, we may need to simply allow clubs to enter more than two teams.  Question: Why don’t we just allow more teams?  Dave: We need to look at each club to see if they have the fields and referees to support more teams.


Comment: U11 11 v 11 team entering tournaments that are playing 8 v 8, causes some other problems.  Dave: Going to see a lot of 8 v 8 in VA, but it’s not as prevalent in other areas in the country.


Comment: While I don’t necessarily support it, the administrative headaches of being different than NCSL and WAGS are significant.  Randy: This applies to State Cup too.


Motion carries with two clubs (VSA, VISTA) dissenting.


Motion: Maximum Roster size is 14 for U12.  The motion was seconded and passed.


A motion was made to change the field size and goal size recommendations as follows:


U11/12 50 to 60 width, 75 to 85 length, Goal is 6x18 OR 7x21 (from the NCSL web site)


Discussion, None.  Motion passed.


A motion that ODSL adopt the same  field and goal size as adopted by WAGS and NCSL. The motion was seconded and discussion occurred. A motion was made to modify the motion: Allow U12’s the same field size ranges previously established for U11’s.


The motion was modified for the following: U12’s Width 50 – 65, Length 75-95, Goals 6x18 OR 7 x 21 (7 x 21 preferred


A motion was made to modify the U11 sizes to the U12 sizes in the prior motion.   The motion was seconded and passed.


A motion was made to increase the number of referees for a U11 and U12 game to 3 starting in the fall.  The motion was second and discussion followed.


Discussion: We won’t have enough referees as it is.  Comment: We may need to adopt a STAR program like the other league.  Comment: If a STAR makes an incorrect signal, the referee is expected to make the call.  W/ parent volunteers the referee can more easily ignore the signal.  Comment: Recommend that we request three referees for U11 and U12 games.  Comment: We have a problem with referees, we know it and we have done nothing to help it.  If we introduce referees they will grow in refereeing.  Comment: The STAR program doesn’t introduce kids to refereeing, it forces parents to become referees.  These parents are doing it because they HAVE to and are not sticking with it when they are done.  Comment: VSA requires that every team have at least two adults certified as at least a grade 9 referee so the parents from one team can ref a game before or after their own game  Comment: If you don’t have three officials at U12, referees would be more likely to do the games if they had ARs. 


The motion was passed with two clubs (REST and SWYA) opposed.


Motion to adjourn, second, passed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm