BOD Meeting Minutes, April 2007

Meeting in Leesburg April 2007

Opened at 7:40 Present were the Pres, VP, Boys Commissioner, Past Pres, Registrar, and Administrator.

Minutes from the prior meeting were not available.

Treas Report: In Debbie’s absense Dave presented the monthly finacial statement prepared by the accountant.

Boys Comm: Number of emails about rescheduling of games. First week 60 games played and about 20 on the 14th and 3 on the 15th. No issues with team reporting scores, one or two differences that were resolved.

Reg: Received a request for a waiver for a transfer past the deadline.

Player from a disbanded team wanted released to play on another team. FASA to Staf. Approved by a split vote.

Player Development: Survey was to do something between seasons and not during the season. Survey results will be posted to the web site when provided to Dave.

Admin: Need to determine how to report the number of additional players as there is not way to track this from the fees as the teams add players up to the limit. The state records the number of players that are registered. Lisa will try and get a report from Youth leagues on the number. Issue is we do not know how many additional players to pay for to the state.

Pres: Need to set a date for the AGM. It was decided to have the meting on 24 Jun. Officers up for election will be the VP, Tres, Sec and Boys Commissioner. Gary will chair the nomination committee.

Old Business: One team that was a repeat winner was missed in the awards. Board agreed to get another set of trophies for this team. (Sterling Freedom U-18)

New Business: Board agreed to sponsor the Nicole Cup 4v4 tournament on 11 and 12 August supported by DC United players. Motion was made to offer to pay for web site support estimated at $1000. Money is to come from Good of Soccer Account. Tournament is a fund raising event for a memorial fund.

Meeting adjorned at 9:10.