BOD Feb 2004 Mins

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2005


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Secretary Paul OConnell

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin


Board Members Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Registrar Lisa Wilson



Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 pm


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from January 2005 meeting were read.  Several corrections to the clubs in attendance were made.  The corrected minutes will be posted on the ODSL web site.  A motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and paid.





The Treasurer distributed the treasurers report. 


Dave noted that the assignor and referee fees were reported together and should be broken out in the report.


ODSL is still waiting for some checks.  Gary spoke to the teams who hadnt paid and the checks should be in the mail now.  These have to be verified to keep those teams from being prevented from registering.


Checks are rolling in for the spring season.  Many envelopes are sent requiring a signature.  Dave doesnt usually go to the post office early enough to sign for these.  He will try to get to the post office when they can be signed for.


Question: Can Demosphere generate an email whenever we mark fees as paid?  Dave: Its not part of the program, but he can ask.


Vice President

No report



357 teams have submitted applications for the spring season.  There are 14 new girls teams and 19 new boys teams.  Only 3 are U-9 and 3 are U-10.  It is unusual to get so many new older teams.  As these teams are marked as paid, the team contacts and Lisa will get the team numbers.


Demosphere has signed an agreement with Arbitrator, a popular referee assignment program.  As soon as he can talk to them, Dave will discuss this with Demosphere.  This could be a great plus as all the games can be posted on the Internet along with the assigned referees.  The referees can also input an online game report.  Dave wants to know if the assigner can use these online.  There could be some resistance to eliminating cards by referees who wont remember to input reports online.  This is especially important for games with assistant referees as they rely on the referee to correctly report their information.


Field data is coming in.  Its due on February 18th. 


ODSL has been getting requests for consideration by the competition committee.  Dave is forwarding them to the Girls and Boys commissioners.  Once the brackets are ready (after the refund period is over), we will put them up on the web site.  March 1st is the target date.


Data for sportsmanship award has been forwarded to the trophy vendor.  Gary counted 9 repeat winners.  Daves going to have a meeting with DC United reps to discuss ticket awards for repeat winners.  No objections from the board to continue this program.


Dave has asked for the new Haymarket high school for the meeting.  We havent heard back from them yet.  Due to the extra traffic to go out to Gainesville, we may still have the meeting at Stonewall in Manassas.


Sportsmanship awards include 9 repeat winners out of 56 divisions.  18 teams COULD have one had they voted or depending on who they would have voted for. 


Question: Can the AGCs remind the teams to vote? Team contacts receive several reminders each season to vote.



Request from PWSI for ODSL to purchase an ad in their program for their Icebreaker program.  Motion was made and passed.


Boys commissioner

137 boys teams have registered.  A draft of division breakout is ready.  This will be updated for any teams that register or drop between now and the end of the registration period.  U-11 and U-12 had most of the new teams. U-13 lost some teams. 

Gary warned both commissioners that there are some teams changing clubs.  Randy traced the team by their team OD number as the number doesnt change when teams change clubs.

Dave said that teams returning from WAGS and NCSL can have their old team numbers back.  Gary said to look out for the teams in FASA.  Some of these are existing teams that played in RYMSL last season.


Girls Commissioner

Bob is still waiting to find out who has paid before doing too much with the brackets.


There are some teams who Bob knows are not coming but have not withdrawn their applications.  Dave said he will call these teams if they havent paid and get the issue resolved. 


ODSL needs to understand if teams are registering without paying to avoid losing $75 if they decide to withdraw after the registration period.  Teams that withdraw late have an impact on scheduling for all teams in their age group.  If this is happening, ODSL should consider appropriate actions to discourage the practice.



VYSA Workshop

VYSA Workshop attendance was up and vendors thought their traffic was up.  Several vendors there are interested in putting up tables at our spring meeting.  UK Elite, Brittania, Dynamic Team Sports, DC United have all expressed interest.  We have room for about 6 vendors.  Other than DC United, the vendors do not get on the agenda, get in the auditorium, or get anything in the book.


Gary conducted the new teams workshop.  About 15 people attended.  ODSL should check at the April meeting if there is interest in us doing it again.  Last may, Gary and Lisa did it for about 15 teams.


US Youth Soccer workshop in Salt Lake City

Gary has a business meeting out there.  Someone from the State Board was registered but cant go, so Gary can use that registration to go.  The registration, hotel, and expenses were approved at the last meeting.


Referee Compensation

ODSL tabled the issue of payment options for referees at the last meeting.  We need some options to talk about at the next meeting.  Perhaps we should consider phasing in at some age levels.  We should also consider changing the fee structure to make all the payments even so its easier for teams to pay.  Well discuss the options at next months meeting and present the options at the April meetings wit club reps.


Interleague Play

Gary participated in a conference call immediately preceding this meeting.  The participants identified 4/9 and 5/14 as dates.  Age groups will be limited to U-12, U-13, and U-14.  This may be arranged as a home and home series if only two leagues want to participate.    This could be organized with two fields for each age group.  More information will come.  ODSL and Blue Ridge are the two that want to participate so far.  ODSL will send an email to the league that we are interested in participating.  Division 1 and 2 teams are preferred, but others will be considered on a wait list standpoint. 


Sportsmanship Award

9 repeat winners see above


A motion was made to adjourn at 8:43.  The motion was seconded and approved.