Board Mtg Minutes, May 2010

ODSL Club Representative Meeting

Officers in attendance:  Randy Martin (President), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar),  Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner), Karen Klumpp (Secretary), Dave Milne (Administrator)
Meeting called to order at 7:30.
Minutes from the last board meeting (14 April 2010) were presented. A motion was made to approve the minutes. Motion was seconded and minutes were approved.
Treasurer (presented by Dave):
  • May run a little less in surplus (approx 5%) than before. In reserves we can carry up to 5 years of expenses, but we do not do so. We are financially ok.
  • We are working on the 2010-11 YouthLeagues database. The new system is expected to roll out in June. This should allow teams do what they need to do before they go on vacation. Leagues will register first, then clubs, then teams. Kidsafe will need to be completed before teams can do anything. There will only be a couple of minor changes.
  • The primary change for 2010-11 is for permission to travel. Details on this change will be sent to teams later.
Boys Commissioner: Things are going well. Only a couple of glitches with rosters and/or teams, but were straightened out.
Girls Commissioner:  Nothing to report. Things seem to be going well. One team was cautioned on running up the score.
Vice President: The first week of play had a couple disciplinary issues. They were handled at the club level, which is very nice. Things calmed down as the weeks passed. Overall, it’s been very good. As a reminder, any complaints coming from a team MUST go through the club representative.
  • There have been some instances when the club rep has not vetted the teams as well as they should. Some teams backed out after schedules were created. Please keep track of the teams in your club that have applied, and ensure that they are valid with rosterable players, have arranged for at least a minimum number of players to play, etc. Ensure that they get their rosters to their registrar in plenty of time.
  • One team applied through a club, and that club had no intention of sponsoring that team. We were into the season before it was discovered. 
  • At the meeting in June, the President and Registrar positions will be up for re-election. A committee will need to be established. If anyone is interested, please contact Randy.
New Business: 
  • Greg: Oldest boys divisions have been averaging 3-4 teams, causing us to have to combine age groups. Some clubs are willing, some aren’t. Some clubs pull up younger players in order to form a team, so they are less willing to have their younger players playing against old teams.
    • Would like to find a way to help encourage teams to have age appropriate players, and encourage more older teams to form. How can we get around this challenge?
    • Co-ed HS league?
    • 6v6? This worked well for those that participated. We get plenty of inquiries from the boys, but they haven’t taken the next step. For the girls, we had 3 applications. Two weeks prior, 2 other girls teams wanted to do it, but by then ODSL had released the first 3. The teams need to make their decision sooner.
    • NCSL opens up to all comers at U15. This devastates soccer for other leagues, particularly ODSL. ODSL provides an opportunity to play at an advanced level, and works as a feeder for NCSL/WAGS. How can we make ODSL a better product and encourage them to stay in ODSL?
    • Provide a college showcase tournament for the older teams? Give precedence to the ODSL teams. VCCL does something similar.
    • Interleague play with NCSL? We’ve never approached them with this possibility. Maybe if something like this is started at the lower age groups, maybe they would stay in ODSL.
    • At U9, have clinics with the coaches, establishing relationships with them.
    • Continue to offer 8v8 for the older teams?
    • 6v6 tournament at the end of June/beginning of July? February tournament on turf?
    • HS League during the summer? Work directly with the high schools.
    • Survey the technical directors of member clubs? They can give valuable input.
  • Wayne: Winter league brainstorming. Winter league in Columbia MD that is very popular. Nothing in VA. In the process of exploring the possibility of doing such a league. Meeting with the technical directors would be a good start.
    • Find a set of fields, contract for the fields and arrange the games all at one site.
    • Columbia runs it as a profit center: ~ $1300 for 8-10 games. The league comes pretty close to capacity.
    • ODSL only? Inter-league? Columbia league is basically open to anyone.
    • Age groups to be included? We’re open to suggestions. If you go with smaller sided games, you can get more games in. 
    • If opened up to WAGS/NCSL, and kept emphasis on sportsmanship, you may have less migration and perhaps some returns when they see how well the league is run, and discover the great teams we have in ODSL.
    • Timeframe: we have between November and March to get games completed.
    • If club reps could email Wayne the registration information for possible turf field availability for the winter, that would be great. (how much, who do you have to go through to get them, etc)
    • Limited indoor capacity: If not registered by June, the team would be placed on the waitlist. Many professional coaching staff seem to hate indoor (bad habits, injuries).
    • Other comments:   ODP every weekend during winter months; the game of soccer is best played outdoor; some would rather play outdoor 8v8 on turf than inside 5v5 playing off a wall.
  • If you have an interest in either of these topics (challenge with maintaining older teams, and winter league brainstorming), please get in touch and pass on any additional information.
New Club Applications: 
A provisional membership for application to play Spring 2010 was granted to FSCI due to the Representative vote, as required by our membership.
FSCI (Fredericksburg Soccer Club Inc) was represented by Marcello Manzano, CEO and Technical Director. The club currently has a travel and recreational program. The travel program has been around for  3 years now, with recreational just starting this season. The club has 5 teams competing in VSLI. A U9B team is competing in ODSL this season. The club would like to acquire membership in ODSL because they want their youngest teams to be able to compete in this league. They believe it’s a perfect fit and a great environment. The club has the fields and referees available. Their referee assignor is Jack Hitchens. The recreational program has a U8 boys team that is playing with SASA (STAF) for games. For Fall 2010, they would like to expand the recreational program to U6/U8/U10 so that they are self-sufficient and competing amongst themselves. The club wishes to use their recreational program as a feeder for their travel program. They look for ways to cultivate referees  (incentives, environment to nurture them):  they explain that it’s much better than working in fast food; allows them to give back to the game; the more vocal parents are encouraged to get their certification so they know what the referees go through. 
Their current older teams were created from tryouts that are held twice per year (November, May/June). The club spends $2000-$3000 each season to post tryout information. They’ve all come through a tryout process with registration forms for each player on their team (verification that they did the tryout). It was stated that they do not go into other clubs and ask them to come play with FSCI. 
In VSLI, the youngest age group is U10. FSCI wants the players to be able to play at U9.  The club wants to offer different tiers of competition. 
Responses to questions:
a)      The club’s intention is to have one team in VSLI, one team in ODSL. They want to continue to have teams in ODSL.
b)       FSCI is focused on the U9 age groups. The older you get, the less players/teams available. They are focusing on building the youngest age groups and working their way up.
c)       They have not applied at this time to NCSL. Not sure of the future.
d)      They were inspired to create a club that would focus on soccer, not politics.
e)      The current teams are boys only. They are attempting to add girls teams.
STAF perspective:  1) The STAF Board of Directors provided a letter to the ODSL board this past week. They have 3 tiers in their club (recreational with 1600+ players, classic 400+, and travel). FASA also has a wonderful program. Both are available to the youth in the area and are great soccer clubs. There are plenty of opportunities to play travel soccer already available. STAF would prefer not to have another club in ODSL from their same area.
After all the discussion, a vote was taken. Results were:  144 yes, 48 no, 33 abstained.
Guest Presentation: Kim Cavanaugh, an account executive with Washington Freedom, did a brief presentation. The Freedom would like to see the clubs come out and support the team at the MD Soccerplex, which holds 6000 fans. There will be an ODSL night some point this season, possibly the last game (9/11/2010). The Freedom is trying to establish relationships with the clubs. Dave asked if it were possible to do the ODSL Game Night on an evening when there is a double header, since we have both boys and girls teams. On 5/23/2010, the Freedom will be playing the Canadian National team at George Mason. Player escorts, high-5 tunnel, half-time small sided games, etc are all incentives to get teams out to the games. They will also be trying to do team practices at various venues to create more exposure.
Old Business: None.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.