Board Mtg Minutes, March 2010

ODSL Executive Board Meeting Minutes
March 3, 2010

Present: Randy Martin; Wayne Gardella; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Lisa Wilson; Tom Lewis; Greg Waldrip; Laurie Vicente.

Meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.

Minutes from the January board meeting (1/16/2010) were reviewed. A motion was made to approve the minutes with one modification. This motion was seconded and approved. The note for February 2010, stating it was not possible to have a meeting that month, was also approved.






·         The checks were provided to Laurie for deposit. Dave ensured that all the vouchers were also with the checks, printing out those that were missing.

·         The current Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Equity was reviewed. Not much activity this past month – primarily, some late payments to referees.


·       Registration change from US Youth: Starting Fall 2010, a US Youth Soccer roster and passes may only be used for play in US Youth Soccer events. Permission to travel to non-US Youth Soccer events will still be done online, but will not be instant. Lisa will have to physically press the approval button. Information regarding what needs to be done in order to attend non-US Youth sanctioned events will be provided to all teams.

·       State cup rosters for Spring sessions will now start being processed by registrars.

·       If any coaches or team managers experience any problems with their registrars and the release / transfer process, please contact Lisa immediately. 


Girls Commissioner:   Tom Yonasky (HERN) assisted with the assigning of divisions. The process went quite smoothly.

Boys Commissioner: Nothing to report.   
Vice President: 

·         Several clubs have expressed an interest in a winter league. Wayne will look into other winter leagues and see what amount of interest they have.


·         Letter received from ARL thanking ODSL for TOPSoccer program.

·         VSA has now started a TOPSoccer program.

·         We have been granted 501c3 status, retroactive to 2006. It has been a long drawn out process, but has finally ended.

o   Below is the breakdown of the ages of referees during 2009 (1200 different referees (925 refs in the fall)): 

 5% are 13 years old
 8% are 14 years old
 9% are 15 years old
 13% are 16 years old
 11% are 17 years old
 46% are under 18 years old
 6% are 18 years old
 <1% are 19 years old
 4% are 20-29 years old
 5% are 30-39 years old
 21% are 40-49 years old
 16% are 50-59 years old
 2% are 60 or older

·         Random referee assessments by ODSL (development and growth). We’ve previously discussed doing this. Dave is looking into the cost of providing this for the referee program. The assessor would speak with the referee after the game. Goal is to assist the referee pool by providing them a means of improving their abilities.

·         Referee pay scale: The referee pay scale was reviewed. A motion was made to increase the U11 referee pay scale to match the U12 pay scale. The motion was seconded and approved.

·         We have 337 teams playing in the spring. 342 paid. There are currently 3 girls for 6v6 play.

·         The U17G only had 4 teams registered They will be moved to U18/19. The 9 teams will play one another, but the top two teams in each division (age group) will receive trophies.

·         Willy will do the trophies / plaques for sportsmanship. We had 7 teams that won that did not return.  If you are not a returning team, but won a second time, you will still get the award, but not the tickets to the DC United games.

·         The board is looking at providing SakPaks to the U9 teams, since they do not get any trophies (no divisions).

·         The board reviewed the assignor payscale. Increasing their pay from 10% to 13 % would cost ODSL approximately $3000 per season. A motion was made to increase the assignor pay from 10% to 13% each season. The motion was seconded by Wayne and approved unanimously.

·         To verify that referees are certified, Dave goes to the VYSA database to gather the personal information and ensure that the referee is a certified referee.


·         During a board email vote, FSCI was given provisional acceptance into ODSL for the Spring season. The board was unable to do a vote with the Club Representatives due to the inclement weather occurring during the month of February.

·         Hopefully, the review of the conduct committee overview will be completed at the next meeting.


Next meeting is scheduled for 4/14/2010 at 7:30pm.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.