Board Mtg Minutes, 10-15-2009

ODSL Club Representative Quarterly Meeting

Officers in attendance:  Randy Martin (President), Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner), Greg Waldrip (Boys commissioner), Laurie Vicente (Treasurer), Dave Milne (Administrator)
Meeting called to order at 7:40pm.
Minutes from the last board meeting (10 September 2009) were reviewed. Motion made to approve the minutes. Minutes approved.
  • Reviewed current statement. It is possible to move more funds to a money market account. 
Girls Commissioner:   Nothing to report.
Boys Commissioner:  Overall, boys divisions are good. No major issues.
  • So far, the season has been smooth. 
  • Remember that there is a 72 hour deadline for reschedules (Wednesday evening). There was a full rain-out this past weekend. 
  • Lots of teams are falling victim to the H1N1 virus. We need to decide tonight how to handle this for scheduling. The board will consider suggestions.
  • It’s been determined that plaques are not good for the younger teams. They really would like something else. We will be moving to trophies for U12 and younger, plaques for U13 and above.
  • At the last meeting, questions were asked about the points system and its affect on cards. Cards remain low this season. Explanations to the referees have helped. The message to the referees was to think of teams arriving at the field as a “0.” From that point on, they can earn positive or negative points, depending on their actions. Everyone understands this for the most part. Ratings are now lower, but more consistent. This process was instituted 3 seasons ago.
    • Since the system was implemented, complaints to the conduct committee have dropped. We had talked about modifying it slightly, with discussions with demosphere. There were no comments from the refs.
    • It was inquired if these conduct reports can be redacted. Yes, they can. We would want the club reps, however, request this. We will let the club reps inform the teams of this and see what response we get.
    • It was stated that if a score of -1 or -2 is entered, an explanation would be appreciated. This would help the team improve. This is not currently mandatory. If necessary, Dave can request an explanation later that week.
    • Some of the coaches take a lot of pride in ratings. It is important that we use this system as a positive influence.
  • It was asked if the teams can monitor the referees. Currently, we do not have a rating tool for the referees.
    • We ask that if it is a home game, that you contact your local assignor if there is a problem. If you are the away team, please send your complaint to Dave Milne, and he will forward to the appropriate assignor.
    • ODSL utilizes approximately 800+ referees in a season. Scores from some would be statistically useful. Some of the referees do a lot more or less games than others.
  • A comment was made about a situation in which the referees had the parents sit together, causing confusion among the parents. On-line reporting has a place to enter such comments. Up to 1500 words are allowed in the space.
  • Another item the Board is working on is the updating of all procedures. One such item is the conduct issue vs rules based issue. We’re hoping to wrap it up and get it implemented by Spring season. Once it is in final draft, we will send it to the club reps for review.
New Business: 
  • There seems to be a drop off of players at the high school age. ODSL would like to be able to accommodate the U16 and U17 players, and roster them at the age of the oldest player. This would then be set up as a high school division.
    • This would work for both boys and girls.
    • Comment was made about the U15 and U16 divisions getting mixed up with high school division. It was stated that ATS tries to put their teams into 2 groups: the younger players on one team, older on the other. 
    • The girls could maintain this, especially for the smaller clubs.
    • The 6v6 has been viable for the girls, but not as well for the boys. This is primarily due to the large number of divisions NCSL has for the U15B.
    • The proposed implementation of the HS division is Spring 2010. These teams would not be constrained to the 40% rule.
    • The teams would be made up of U15, U16, U17. There is not a restriction against a U14 or U19 player being on the team – that would be a parent/coach decision.
    • Currently, the numbers are enough for us to continue to maintain U15, U16/17 and U18 girls. The boys, however, have much lower numbers.
  • The 6v6 would still continue. It is still a great alternative for those teams that are unable to field a high school age team. It is intended for HS age kids. There were no cautions issued the entire season.
  • The club pass issue was asked, which would allow players to move between NCSL and ODSL or WAGS and ODSL.
    • Yes, this is being considered. It would be nice for little ones to be able to play. Need to work out details on how to handle the cross-league details, in order to ensure that players only play on one team any given day.
    • In VSLI, the older teams use a club pass system, and are on their honor to enforce the one game a day scenario. Wayne will follow-up on the procedures used for this on the VSLI website. Onus could be on the managers to be responsible for the honesty.
    • If the club pass is put into place, there would need to be severe penalties for the player and manager if the process is not followed honestly.
  • It was asked if ODSL would consider moving to a nine game schedule, such as WAGS does. The response was that ODSL would only move to that number if there are 10 teams in a division. There is not enough Saturday space to get all the games in during an 8 week season.
  • The issue about rescheduling due to H1N1 virus was raised. In the one instance thus far that it has occurred, the reschedule was approved after the two teams coordinated the day/time. If your teams can manage to find an acceptable time, then ODSL will allow the reschedule. Otherwise the team will have to forfeit. It was noted that when looking at the reschedule, they need to keep in mind the schedule on the fields. Referees do not want to be sitting around for one game, and then having to ref an additional game. Taking one game out of a set of three causes problems for assignors.
The meeting was adjourned at  9:25pm.