Board Meeting Minutes Apr 2008

ODSL Exec. Board Meeting Minutes


April 17, 2008



Present:  Randy Martin, Lisa Wilson, Karen Klumpp, Greg Waldrip, Dave Milne



Meeting called to order at 7:55 PM




Dave presented the current balance sheet and income and expense report from the accountant.  Figures show that we are currently operating at about breakeven.  The variation in current assets between 2007 and 2008 is due to a deposit being made earlier this year than last.




Lisa will be working with the new director of MSYSA to discuss how our registration process works.  Also, she will be out of the office but most likely monitoring emails the first week of May.



Boys and Girls Commissioners

Nothing new to report this month.




Dave reported that it was a rough beginning to the new referee program.  He reiterated that this will be a much better way of managing sit-outs, scores and game conduct.  Dave would like to set up an event with Demosphere to present the referee assignment program to the referee assignors, providing them an opportunity to see all aspects of the program, its benefits, and ask questions of the folks from Demosphere.



All of the sit-outs required from the Fall 2007 season have been satisfied.



The league has already encountered its first full rain-out.  Approximately 130 games were rained out, and only 11 or 12 teams did not send in reschedule information within the 3 day time limit.



There was a request from EPIC to play home games in West Virginia, rather than Virginia.  It is being requested that they send us the fields they have available as well as the referee assignor.  Virginia teams playing in West Virginia would need to complete a “Permission to Play Across State Lines” form.  This will be looked into further and brought before the Club Representatives.



An application was received for an existing club (FC Rockville) to join ODSL.  This paperwork was given to the Membership Chair and will be considered at the meeting with Club Representatives in May.  There was also a request by an individual wishing to form a new club.  He was also directed toward the Membership Chair.



The recent lawsuit was discussed.






Randy has had three individuals volunteer to be on the Conduct committee, and two volunteers to the Appeals committee. 



He stated the need for a nominating committee, as the following three positions are up for election this year:  President, Girls Commissioner, and Registrar.



The date for the quarterly meeting with Club Representatives was selected as May 14, 2008.  (Note:  That date is being changed due to non-availability of selected location.)



The AGM is tentatively scheduled for June 26, 2008, pending availability of selected location.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 PM.