April 2004 BOD Minutes



ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

Arpirl 15, 2004


Brought to Order 7:30 pm/Adjourned 9:30pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Secretary Paul OConnell

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Administrator Dave Milne


Clubs in Attendance:



Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from February 2004 meeting were read and approved.  Further discussion about the admission of Premier AC was requested.  The board provided the following additional information:

  • Temporary approval was granted to allow one U-10 team to play this season
  • Premier AC must apply for membership in June for the fall season.





  • All league fees have been collected and referee payments have not started yet.
  • Bank of America is instituting new transaction fees that will affect ODSL.  The treasurer will contact the bank and the board will consider other banking options.
  • Currently the club is operating on budget.  Budget review scheduled for the June meeting.
  • Club reps have received copies of the budget.  Comments should be brought to the May meeting to allow time to address them before the June meeting.
  • VYSA registration fee is LIKELY to increase by $1 per player.



  • Two forfeits to consider.  In both cases one team and the referees arrived for the game but the other teams did not.
    • Recommendation that Match 1197 forfeit be approved was passed.
    • Recommendation that Match 940 forfeit be approved was passed.
  • AOL has begun blocking email thought to be spam.  System generated emails regarding schedule changes are being blocked for some AOL users.  Club reps should inform their coaches and manages who use AOL to consult the ODSL web site for latest schedule information.
  • Game cancellations
    • Of 128 games scheduled for 4/4/04, 108 were not played.
    • Of 14 games scheduled for 4/3/04, none were played
    • Teams must be aware of their responsibilities for game cancellations and rescheduling games.
  • ODSL receives many requests for team contact information from tournaments.
    • Current practice is to supply, free of charge, mailing labels to tournaments.  ODSL will not provide this information in any electronic media.
    • Motion to add tournament information for tournaments hosted by ODSL member clubs to the ODSL web site was passed.
  • ODSL receives many requests for information from players looking for teams. 
    • Motion made to allow ODSL members to post tryout information during the summer months on the ODSL web site was passed.


Registrar:  submitted by President

  • All VYSA player passes must be laminated starting next season. 
  • Motion to approve funding for ODSL to create a seminar and materials for newly formed travel teams.
    • Contents of the course and materials to include registration instructions, budget information, where to find players, sportsmanship, competitive aspect, parent education
    • Target date is May 15th, 2004
    • Discussion about the date included feedback from some clubs who said it was too early in the year.  However, based on registration dates and other calendar considerations, May 15th was kept as the date.
    • Vote: Approved funding for seminar meeting room space and materials.


Vice President:

  • Pro-Excel Clinics will be scheduled for May 8th, 15th, and 22nd.  Two of these sessions are rescheduled sessions that were paid for but cancelled last season.
  • Pro-Excel information will be added to the ODSL web site along with information about the sessions and how many coaches and players are allowed from each club.
  • A total a five sessions are approved in the budget.


Boys Commissioner: submitted by President

  • Still looking for a U15 boys age group coordinator.  There were no volunteers from this age group so the commissioner is performing this role.


Girls Commissioner:  

  • Some teams are not getting their scores to their age group coordinators in a timely manner.  This is delaying the posting of scores on the web site and causing AGCs and the girls commissioner to follow up on missing scores.
  • Six games were automatically rescheduled by the Administrator because scores from those games were not reported.



  • Upcoming Dates
    • Next ODSL Annual Meeting will be July 10th, 2004.
    • Deadline for Fall, 2004 applications will be July 7th, 2004
    • Fall, 2004 Coaches Meeting will be August 29th, 2004
    • First games of the Fall, 2004 season will be September 11th and 12th.
  • Areas of Interest and Responsibility
    • These are the areas identified by members as important for ODSL
    • Field Availability
      • Assigned to the Field Committee
    • Coaches Training
      • Assigned to President
      • President is corresponding with VYSA Director of Coaching
      • VYSA contends that there are many opportunities for coaching certification courses.
      • ODSL counters that the majority of these courses are not near enough for most ODSL coaches
    • Quality of Officials
      • Assigned to ODSL Administrator
      • ODSL has instituted its referee bonus program and Ref of the Year award in an attempt to retain quality officials
      • Suggestions for improving the quality of referees should be send to the ODSL Administrator
      • A significant challenge is to keep referees beyond their first Class 8 season.
    • Level of Competition
      • Assigned to Competition Committee
      • Competition Committee concentrated on building competitive divisions when it seeded teams this season
      • Primary emphasis is to reduce lopsided scores
    • Player Development
      • Assigned to Vice President
      • Pro-Excel training sessions will, if the weather cooperates, be held this season
      • Based on feedback re: Pro-Excel, future training sessions may be put out to bid for other vendors
    • Opportunities for Exceptional Players
      • Discussions with other leagues for inter-league play
        • Example could be Champions tournament pitting top two teams in each age group against similar teams from other areas in Virginia.
      • Y-League and other premier leagues are also available, though the goals of these leagues are not always in agreement with the goals of ODSL.
  • Reminder that ODSL Night at RFK is May 8th
    • ODSL is subsidizing the cost of the tailgate party.  $22 gets a ticket and catered picnic in the stadium before the game.  Game tickets are normally $17.
    • DC United says sales have been brisk.




  • Request from the Ashburn Soccer Club for assistance with their field development program
    • Summary: ASC has raised $24k towards the first phase of their field development program.  The program will improve two full side fields, build a third full sized field, and build two small sided fields.  The first phase will cost $32k.  The total project will be approximately $110k.  ASC is requesting a loan for $8k to complete the first phase.
    • During discussion of this topic, several clubs expressed concern that others will demand similar treatment if this loan is approved.  Many were concerned that there were no official policies and procedures concerning such a loan.
    • Motion was made to table this decision until ODSL policies and procedures concerning loans to members for field development are drafted and approved.
    • Motion was approved.
  • Recruiting Policy
    • A revised recruiting policy was distributed to member clubs in attendance.  Several changes were made since a draft policy was distributed at the January meeting.
      • Language regarding parents was removed
      • Language regarding suspending players was removed
    • Comments about this policy should be send to the ODSL President
    • ODSL Board will vote on this policy at the May meeting