Apply Online for the Fall 2003 Season

The Registration process is not complete until a check for League fees is received at the League P.O. Box

Some clubs require that the fees be submitted to the Sponsor Club and they sent one check for all of their teams. Please check with your sponsor for the proper process.

U9 teams $390.00 U10 teams $430.00 U11 and older teams $550.00

This fee does not include the $9.50 per player that must be paid to our registrar for state player pass fees and insurance when the team has its roster approved. The League fee must be paid each season. The player pass fee is a once a year fee.

Make all checks payable to: ODSL

Mail to: ODSL
P.O. Box 825
Gainesville, VA 20156

Once the application and the league fee have been received and approved, new teams should request registration materials from their club rep. All rosters must be submitted electronically via RosterPro and the roster and player pass forms must be submitted to the team's assigned registrar by August 15, 2003.

By making this submission, this team agrees to abide by the Operating Procedures and the Codes of Conduct for the Old Dominion Soccer League. We understand that the coach is responsible for the conduct of the players, parents and other spectators and can be disciplined for their misconduct. We understand that the team and sponsoring organization will be held accountable to the VYSA Guidelines governing referee abuse and assault. Further, we verify that all coaches and volunteers associated with this team have been registered, within the last two years, with our sponsoring organization's KIDSAFE program.

Note: No commercial sponsor names or logos may appear on the player's uniforms.

All applications and registration fees must be received by July 7, 2003. The last day to withdraw and receive a partial refund is July 15, 2003. Notice of withdrawal must be sent to the administrator in writing.

U9 Play
No standings will be posted and no trophies will be awarded at the U9 level. All U9 teams will receive ODSL patches in the Fall and pins in the Spring.