Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

ODSL Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 27 2004


Brought to Order 7:30 pm/Adjourned 9:18 pm


Board Members:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell



Administrator Dave Milne

Secretary Debbie Cervantes

Boys Commissioner Open


Club Members Represented:




Minutes from June 28, 2003 were approved with no changes.




Conduct Committee:

The Conduct Committee has two issues on table that need to be addressed.  Both involve coaches abusing referees.  In addition to these issues, there have been several reports of inappropriate behavior toward referees.  In many of these reports, the referees are young people.  It seems that some coaches and parents feel they can bully younger referees.


The Conduct Committee, along with the Board, needs to address this issue.  We are in danger of losing younger referees.  Currently, about 25% of new referees are NOT recertifying.  This means we are losing referees with some experience and they must be replaced by referees with less experience.  Some clubs are in good shape and can use mentoring programs to bring along new referees.  Others are scrambling for officials and use any certified referee regardless of experience. 


The following comments regarding officiating came from the membership:

  • Some of the younger referees need some work to keep better control of the game.  Im worried that someone will get hurt.
  • Referees are afraid to call a foul in the penalty box, so there are too many violent fouls there.


The Conduct Committee offered the following suggestions:

  • ODSL is working on a web site to attract more officials by making it easier to get assigned to games.
  • Sideline monitoring of parent and coach behavior may be required for some teams
  • The membership should speak to their referee assignors to make sure that center referees assigned to travel games are at least 3 years older than the age group playing.


The Conduct Committee further commented that it could use more volunteers to participate in it and all ODSL committees.  Any club with more than five teams playing in ODSL should volunteer someone to do something for the league (committees, executive board, age group coordinators, etc.)  Anyone concerned with the quality of officiating should volunteer to join the Conduct Committee and help develop recommendations to improve officiating.

  • A request was made to circulate a listing of all positions and committees to the club representatives to assist them in finding volunteers
  • ODSL President said the Administrator would send out this information and stated that the broad objective of the committees is to address the five key focus areas identified by the membership at the January league meeting.


Appeals Committee:

No appeals.


Membership Report:

Applications for new clubs include

  • Massanuthan Thunder Soccer

The Massanuthan Thunder, formerly of the Valley Classic Soccer League , will bring three teams (possibly 5) in the fall.  The club has met all the criteria established for ODSL membership.  A motion was made for admission of Massanuthan Thunder Soccer and the motion passed.

  • Premier Athletic Club

Premier Athletic Club was granted provisional membership to allow them to enter one team in the spring, 2004 season.  The club has met all the criteria established for ODSL membership.  A motion was made for admission of Premier Athletic Club and the motion passed.

  • Valley Revolution Soccer Club

The Valley Revolution Soccer Club, formerly of the Valley Classic Soccer League, is a travel only club.  The club has met all the criteria established for ODSL membership.  A motion was made for admission of the Valley Revolution Soccer Club and the motion passed.


Administrators Report:

  • Score reporting

Score reporting this season was atrocious.  Often commissioners would not get scores until Wednesday following games.  The administrator rescheduled a dozen games because scores werent reported and he assumed they were cancelled.  ODSL has tried to stay away from punitive action, so lets work to improve this without penalizing teams. 

  • Forfeits

There were a higher number of forfeits this spring than recent memory.  In some cases, games were rescheduled but one team couldnt get enough players for the rescheduled game.  Also, there were six or eight forfeits during the first weekend of the season due to conflicts with spring break.  ODSL determined the first weekend of games in January.  Teams need to plan for spring break conflicts in advance.

  • Pre-game calls

Home teams are required to contact their opponents by Wednesday before the game.  Many teams are getting sloppy.  Too many are not getting done.

    • Recommendation from the Girls Commissioner: Make sure you phone, not email, in case email does not get through
    • Recommendation from the President: If you do send email and dont get an answer back, then you didnt actually make contact.
    • Comment: If the home team doesnt contact you, the visiting team should call the home team
  • Sportsmanship ballots

Ballots are due by June 30th.  Club representatives should contact their teams.  Remember that if they dont vote, cant win.  10 teams potentially could have won last fall but did not vote.

    • Recommendation from the President: If a team does not have a ballot form, they should email their votes to the president.




2004/2005 Budget

  • Copies of the budget are not available, so Gary will read off the budget
  • Last year, ODSL took in $30k more than spent.  Difference was the higher number of teams (more revenue).  This drives up costs of awards and officials, but not as much as the revenue went up.
  • Income Budget based on:
    • estimated 340 teams based on
      • Increase in number of U-11 teams due to WAGS rule changes for small sided games
      • Additional teams from existing clubs
      • Several new clubs
    • Increase in player pass fees to $10.50 (this is a pass-through to VYSA)
    • $384k income
  • Expenses based on:
    • Accounting fees We have not hired an accountant in the past.  We did not expend the amount budgeted last year.  We are in discussions with accountants for financial statement preparations and review services.
    • Administrative fees We increased this based on number of teams
    • Assignor fees We increased this based on the number of games
    • Awards We plan to do better with awards costs this year
    • Capital fund We dropped this based on expected need.  This is computer equipment for administrator and registrar
    • Cash Reserve We did not budget a cash reserve for this year.  Ordinarily recommended to budget it at 5% of revenue each year.  Current cash reserve is $200k, and that appears adequate.
    • DC United Fair Play We will continue this program to recognize teams that were multiple sportsmanship award winners.  Also, AGCs and other volunteers are given 4 tickets to a home game.
    • Good of Soccer This year was helped to buy equipment for a top soccer program.  Budgeted again for this year.
    • Meeting expenses We budget this to cover room rental and refreshments at league meetings.
    • Online registration Consolidated budget for all web site related expenses under Scheduling / Notification
    • Phone Expenses
    • Player development reassessing program for this year
    • Postage Cost of postage went up.  One thing that would help in this area is for club reps to pick up their books.
    • Publications & Notebooks Budget cut because we are going to give out a smaller binder.  We will not print schedules in the fall.  Teams can print the schedules they need off the web site.  Teams will still get operating procedures and directory because we dont want directory online
    • Referee expenses up with number of games
    • Registration expenses- theyll do a better job managing fees
    • Registrar fees Budgeted based on how we are going to go with this program
    • Scheduling notification The consolidated budget for online registration, referee scheduling, and web site fees has not changed.
    • Web site expenses   Consolidated budget for all web site related expenses under Scheduling / Notification
  • Questions re: Budget
    • Did we increase what we pay referees?  Answer from president: No.  We are in line with NCSL and WAGS and are the highest in the state.
  • Motion to approve the budget was passed by voice vote

Report from VYSA Annual Meeting 6/26/2004

  • Increase to $10.50 per player

This represents the first increase in state registration fees in 10 years.  It was enacted to cover an increase in national fees and to help the state organization close a budget shortfall.  The ODSL registration manuals include the correct amount.  Club representatives are requested to remind their teams to use the correct amount when they write their checks for VYSA fees.

  • Bylaw changes

Most of the bylaw changes are technical in nature.  In some cases, officer responsibilities to meet current needs.

  • State Elections

The current President was reelected.  The former Boys North Travel Commissioner was elected Treasurer, creating a need for a new Boys North Travel Commissioner.

  • Potential formation of inter-league statewide play

VYSA is working on format for inter-league play. The general format is still being worked out.

    • The games would be friendlies, played in addition to the normal league play.  Participating teams would play six games, most likely on three separate days as doubleheaders, one before the season, one in the middle, and one after the season has finished.  Games would be played at a central location, most likely in the Richmond area.  Cost will be about $50 registration and each team would be responsible for $75 per game for officials for half their games.
    • Neither NCSL nor WAGS expressed an interest in participating.  ODSL will not be involved directly, but the President will be the point of contact for any ODSL teams that wish to participate.  Teams that are doing very well in Division 1 or teams that would like a taste of the competition they would face in State Cup play may want to consider this inter-league program.
    • ODSL is not committed to sending any particular number of teams in any age group.  If teams are interested, ODSL will consider paying the entry fee $50
    • Question from membership: Will ODSL have a policy for selecting teams? Answer from President: No, but if too many teams from the same gender / age group wish to participate, the league may have to establish policies for selecting teams.



Election of Officers:

  • President: Gary Brindle

No other nominations were made from the floor.  The voice vote was unanimous to elect Gary Brindle as president.

  • Registrar: Lisa Wilson

No other nominations were made from the floor.  The voice vote was unanimous to elect Lisa Wilson registrar.

  • Boys Commissioner: Open

No nominations were made from the floor.  The election committee requests teams to go back to their clubs and look for someone who would be interested in this position.

The president and girls commissioner offered the following job description

    • Sunday night collecting scores from AGCs
    • Post scores on ODSL website
    • Field questions that AGCs cant answer
    • Bring forfeits to the board for consideration
    • Address referee complaints
    • Lead the competition committee to create division structures


Registrar Report:

Roster Size

VYSA passed a rule change allowing 35 player travel roster and are considering allowing 5 player transfers in a season.  Comment from the President: ODSL rules regarding roster size and transfers will not be affected by changes in VYSA rules.


Other important highlights

  • The new registration manual is available online.
  • Player passes do NOT have to be laminated
  • RosterPro 2004 is available to be downloaded
  • The state mandated new team numbering system.  In RosterPro, each team will get a 13 character team number
    • Club numbers are listed in a table in the ODSL binder
    • Team numbers are still the OD numbers that we get from Dave Milne
    • Registrars can answer questions about RosterPro



Old Business:

  • Recruiting policy

A committee was formed and a draft policy was read at the January meeting.  This draft was revisited at the April meeting.  There did not appear to be an adequate method to police or enforce the policy.  The policy has been tabled as the board has not been able to come to an agreement on the wording.



Waivers were granted to the following Clubs/Age/Gender.  For all, motions were made and approved.

  • Springfield Youth Soccer 3rd U-9 girls
  • Springfield Youth Soccer 3rd U-10 girls
  • Vienna Youth Soccer 3rd U-10 girls


A motion was made and approved to adjourn the meeting at 9:18 pm.