Annual General Membership Meeting Topics Reviewed

Election Results
Wayne Gardella (TASC), Vice President
Debbie Cervantes (STER), Treasurer
Paul O'Connell (LFC), Secretary
Randy Martin (VIST), Boys Commissioner
Roster Size Changes Instituted for U17 and Older
Effective immediately teams in age groups U17 and older can roster up to 22 players.  On any game day only 18 players can be utilized.
Three Team Waviers Granted
The following clubs were granted waviers for the more than 3 teams in an age group for the 2005-2006 year:
ABGC  U10 girls
ARL  U10 girls
BAC  U10 girls
LOUD  U10 girls
REST  U14 boys
SSA  U13 boys
SYC  U10 girls
VYS  U10 girls
LOUD and MCLN were granted additional waivers at the June Exec. Board Meeting
A Motion was made that the league fees for all the teams sponsored by clubs be paid with one check each season, issued by the sponsoring club.  While there was overwhelming support for this issue, the motion was amended to put off the vote until the October Open Board Meeting so that representatives could discuss this matter with their club.  If approved in October the procedure would go into effect for the Spring 2006 season.
Interleague play
Teams interested in interleague play for the Fall with conterparts from leagues to the South and West of ODSL should contact Gary Brindle for details.