AGM Minutes

ODSL Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 28 2003


Brought to Order 9:00am/Adjourned 11:14am


Board Members:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President - Lou Von Kahle (Absent)

Secretary Debbie Cervantes

Treasurer Cheryl Brindle

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner John Findlay


Administrator Dave Milne


Club Members Represented:

ALEX, ARL, ASC, BAC, BRYC, CHAN, CUGI, CULP, DCST, EPIC, FCSC, FRSA, GRFL, GSC, HERN, has, loud, lrsc, matt, mcln, mcsa, pwsi, rest, shen, ssa, staf, swya, syc, tasc, vbsc, vsa, vys, win, wrtn



Minutes from 8 May 2003 were approved with the following changes:  In Clubs that were in attendance need to remove OSC (now STAF) and replace with OSC.




The proposed budget included the following notes:

-          No $2 KidSafe Fee

-          Board Expenses were more due to open Quarterly Meetings

-          DC Fair Play was a one time deal

-          Cash Reserve is new showing 5% of income, standard procedure

-          Difference between Meeting Expenses (Annual & 2 Pre-Season Meetings) and Board Expenses (T-Shirts) were explained.

-          $200,000 carry over is for probable office space.

Motion was made and approved to accept the 2003 Proposed Budget.


Membership (Administrator):

Application for new clubs include: Mt. Jackson, Old Dominion Football, Jefferson County West Virginia, Waynesboro, Rivianna Soccer, and Berkley County. 


Approximately 200 applications have submitted online.


Per the Board Meeting in June, all Club Referee Assignors will be paid an additional $5.00 per team that played in the Spring season due to all the work that had been needed due to the weather conditions.


Request that all Clubs/Teams update all contact information on the Website.


Only 2 teams per Age Group/Gender are allowed.  Exceptions can be made.


For schedule conflict requests, these must be mailed to the ODSL Administrator by July 25th.


Field Availability forms are needed by July 27th.


Remember to submit all Saturday information for fields and requests by July 25th.


Player pass fee is $9.50 vs the $11.50 that was showing on the ODSL Website.  This has been corrected.



Nothing to report.



One appeal was turned in.  The Board returned the $100 fee and this was a referee judgement call, therefore not appealable.



Player Development:  ProExcel will continue into the Fall due to rainouts in the Spring.


Election of Officers:

Vice President:  Wilson Gilbert.  Motion was made and approved.


Treasurer:  Debbie Cervantes.  Motion was made and approved.


Girls Commissioner:  Motion was made and approved.


Secretary:  Being vacated by Debbie Cervantes moving to Treasurer.  No appointment was made.  ODSL President will appoint at a later time.





Waivers were granted to the following Clubs/Age/Gender.  For all, motions were made and approved.

-          ABGC, 3rd U12 Girls Team

-          ARL, 3rd U10 Girls Team

-          Burke, 3rd U10 Girls Team

-          Gunston, 3rd U10 Girls Team

-          Loudoun, 3rd U10 Girls Team

-          McLean, 3rd U10 Girls Team

-          Reston, 3rd U12 Boys Team

-          SYC, 3rd U9 Girls Team

-          VYS, 3rd U10 Girls Team


Motion was made and approved to reinstate Leesburg Football Club following the Fall season.


Request was made to have a map of the ODSL area on the website.


Quarterly Meetings will continue.


Board Monthly Minutes are located on the ODSL Website.


Sportsmanship ballots are due July 1st, no exceptions.  Approximately 200 have come in.  Points for Yellow cards were changed to be a negative 1 point vs. the previous 5 points.


A motion was made and defeated to not schedule ODLS games on Sunday, September 21st, Opening Day for the 2003 Womens World Cup.  ODSL will be scheduling matches.  Teams that do not want to have a scheduled match that day can submit a special scheduling request through their ODSL Club Representative.  Teams not playing on Sept. 21 must be sure that their club submits at least two Saturday dates on their field availability forms.


Two special scheduling requests will be granted if one is for Sunday, September 21st.


A recommendation was made to form a Recruiting Policy Committee.  This would include policies and procedures as well as specific recruiting dates.


A recommendation was made to provide Registrar Forms on the ODSL Website.