AGM Meeting June 2006

Old Dominion Soccer League
Annual General Meeting
June 21, 2006


Board Members in Attendance:

Gary Brindle, President
Wayne , Vice President
Debbie Cervantes, Treasurer
Randy Martin, Boys Commissioner
Lisa Wilson, Registrar
Dave Milne, Administrator
Paul OConnell, Secretary

Board Members Absent:

Bob Grey, Girls Commissioner

Clubs in Attendance:


Clubs Absent:


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the last AGM were approved at the August board meeting.  Based on clubs in attendance the Board determined that a quorum was present.

ODSL Budget

A budget was distributed to the club representatives.  A question and answer session followed. 

Q: Why did the budget for referee fees go down when the referee pay scale has been increased?
A: The budget for referees is based on the number of games expected to be played. ODSL is expecting a drop in the number of games next season due to the expansion of WAGS into younger age groups.

Q: Why are assignor fees up when referee fees are down?
A: Assignor fees are based on games assigned.  The budget assumes assignors will assign to every game.  Referee fees are based on referee coverage.  The budget for referee fees reflects an 85% coverage rate based on past experience.

Q: Why did professional fees double?
A: We had a directive from the board to hire an accountant to make sure our organizational status was correct and to complete our tax returns.  Hopefully this will enable the league to put its capital to work.

Gary addressed the impact of ODSLs decision to collect VYSA fees for 17 players regardless of the actual number of players on each individual roster.  For the 2005/2006 season, ODSL collected $850 more from clubs than it remitted to VYSA.  As discussed when this change was made last summer, the $850 will be used for the good of soccer.

A motion to approve the budget.  The motion was seconded and the club reps voted to approve the budget.

Bylaw Change

A bylaw change recommendation was circulated to the club reps.  The change was to remove language from the bylaws stating that ODSL would be a member of VYSA and replace it to affiliation with US Youth Soccer.  A motion was made to amend the bylaws as recommended.  The motion was seconded and the club reps voted to approve the bylaw change.

Reports from Committees

Membership Committee

Although Maryland clubs have made overtures about joining ODSL, none have responded to our replies.  Gary discussed the fact that we had not marketed the league to Maryland teams, but we could benefit especially with older teams that dont have the same high school conflicts as Virginia teams.

Q: Can the league accept MD teams without being a member of MSYSA?
A: According to MSYSA, all we need is signed permission to play and do not have to be members of MSYSA.

 Dave reported that a club, the Apple Valley Soccer Club, contacted ODSL today regarding membership.  Dave told the club that it was late to get teams in for the fall and he referred the contact to the ODSL president.  Gary mentioned that club applications are open until July 7th.

Appeals Committee

One appeal has been filed based on the misapplication of the laws of the game.  The appeal was upheld so the team will get their $100 back.  A decision by the appeals committee was made to replay the game.  Since this could not be done in time and around the schedules of the teams in question, and since the game would have no impact on the division standings, the committee agreed to allow the disallowed goal and consider the game completed.


The conduct committee had no incidents to report.

Dave mentioned that there will be some carryover of red cards to the next season.

Gary asked how the sitout cards have been working.  Dave responded that they have been working very well.  A couple teams were not aware of how the cards worked, but as they followed the league sitout procedures there were no problems.

Waivers for Additional Teams:

A waiver was granted for SYC for an additional U11 girls team.

A waiver was granted for GRFL for an additional U10 girls team.

Competition Committee

The committee had nothing to report for the spring.

The committee recommends that club reps remind teams to send information into the league that they think should be included in the division structure process.  This is also important for teams transferring in from other leagues.

Club reps were reminded to all teams to the ODSL online application system.  The link to add teams will disappear from the web page on July 7th, but it will likely be on the club rep page for another three or four days.

The deadline to withdraw and still receive a partial application fee refund is  July 18th.  Withdrawal needs to be by an email to Dave Milne at After this date there is no refund at all. 

Club reps need to do their due diligence with teams to make sure they actually have enough players to field a team.  Last minute withdrawals of teams wreak havoc on scheduling.

Deadline for field availability is July 22nd.
Deadline for schedule requests is July 22nd.

Teams may request one bye weekend and another weekend with a time restriction.  If you request two bye weekends, Dave will pick one.  It is recommended that teams give reasons for the schedule requests.

VYSA Annual General Meeting

VYSA approved a bylaw amendment to change the way travel commissioners are apportioned.  Based on number of VA players from last year, ODSL is the largest travel league in the state.  Paul OConnell was elect to the VYSA board as a travel commissioner by ODSL.

Good of Soccer

Gary read a letter from President Bush to ODSL on youth soccer month.

VYSA is not doing anything specific for youth soccer month.  Lisa is asking each of the club presidents to let the state know if there are politicians in their areas that can make proclamations, etc.

Gary recommended that ODSL disburse the additional $850 left from the overage of the collection of fees from teams to clubs with TopSoccer programs.  He identified 4 clubs with programs and recommended that ODSL increase the amount to $1600 and give $400 to each.

A motion made to distribute $400 to each of the four clubs identified. During further discussion, a recommendation was made to consider providing additional funds for other clubs with TopSoccer programs if identified later.  The motion was seconded and club reps voted in favor of the motion.

Warrenton Soccer Club and Fauquier County Soccer Club are working together with the county on a field development program.  Gary asked if the representatives from either of these clubs want to apply for the leagues field development program.  Neither wanted to at this time.

Sportsmanship ballots have been coming in.  Club reps were asked to remind their teams to submit their ballots. 

Skyline and Blue Ridge Soccer are interested in restarting interleague play for ages U12 and above.  This program can probably accommodate two or three from each age group for each sex.  Please send team name, age group, sex, contact information to Gary.  If we can organize before the schedule date, we can utilize by weekends for this.


Three board positions are open for election.


Nominations: Randy Martin

A motion that nominations be closed.  A vote was taken and Randy Martin was elected President of ODSL.


Nominations: Lisa Wilson

A motion that nominations be closed.  A vote was taken and Lisa Wilson was elected Registrar of ODSL.

Girls Commissioner

Nominations: Bob Gray

A motion that nominations be closed.  A vote was taken and Bob Gray was elected Girls Commissioner of ODSL.

Elections are completed.

Boys Commissioner

Since Randy is currently the boys commissioner, ODSL need someone to fulfill the remainder of his two year term.  No nominations came from the floor, so this position will remain open.  If a club finds someone who wants to serve this role, the club rep should contact Randy Martin.

New Business

Goal Sizes

A motion was made to modify the ODSL operating procedures to recommend a goal size for small sided games.  A long discussion and several motions were made for wording of the procedure.

The minimum goal size for small sided play is 6 x 18 and the maximum goal size is 7 x 21 .  Goals must be of equal sizes at each end of the field.

U12 State Cup

Q: Since state has approved state cup for U12 at 8v8, how does this affect the state cup for teams that play 11v11 and have 18 on their rosters?
A: U12 state cup rosters can only have 14, but this does not keep teams from having 18 on their official league roster. 

Tiebreaker rules

Q: Would ODSL consider changing procedures to award bonus points shutouts?

Gary: This may prevent some teams from adjusting their game plan because they are in danger of losing the tiebreaker point. 

This topic will be tabled until we have a chance to look at the historical data.  Wayne will take on this action item.

Registrar Report

The 2006/2007 registration system needs to go through several steps.  First, all the leagues need to register, then all the clubs need to enter their information.  As of today, only three clubs are in the database. 

Every team needs to resubmit Kidsafe application.  Even though Kidsafe has a two year period, everyone still needs to enter the information on the web site.  At the club level, all officers need to enter their Kidsafe information.


A motion was made to adjourn at 9:01 pm.  The motion was seconded and passed.